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According to the survey, 53.3% of small and medium-sized enterprises are worried about the stability of SAAS. IDC survey shows that small and medium-sized enterprises have a high degree of recognition for the SAAs model. Up to 46.7% of SMEs said that if information technology is re-implemented, more flexible service methods will be selected, such as customized services as SAAS.

Comments from netizens: I have never liked SaaS

I remember the last two years I saw on the Internet that websites can be built as long as I typed them, but how many companies have bought such websites. It's easy enough to type! SAAS is certainly not as simple as typing.

The two companies seem to be using similar products, but their processes are different. How can they meet their personalized needs? How can I expand his needs?

Is it safe and stable? Many of Sina's big network companies, so many servers, hackers say that it is black. Several SaaS vendors in China say that security is better than Sina, it may be okay if the data has been read by irrelevant people. If the competitor wants to beat you, who will be responsible for this loss? Provider? When you know that your information is leaked, it is the day when your company goes bankrupt. I am not alignment !!

In my opinion, there are only two SaaS users:

1. Start-up enterprises or individuals

Reasons for use: enterprises are very small or even workshops. They need such services but are unwilling to invest too much money.

Analysis: as his business grows, the company will face problems that cannot be met by the system, and they will leave without hesitation;

2. Enterprises that do not understand their needs

Reason for use: enterprises cannot understand their own needs and organize their own needs through practical applications.

Analysis: Using SAAS is like the "Good Luck Beijing" series of Olympic test competitions, to see if the venue is up to standard. Understand and sort out your needs during use to build your own system.

From the above point of view, SAAS is more like a software trial version. Do you have a market for the trial version?


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