Samsung S5 g9006v How to connect 91 assistants? G9006V Connection 91 Assistant method

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Step 1. Turn on the USB debugging option in fact, S5 open USB debugging method can be introduced before, I repeat it below

1. As shown in the following figure is the Samsung S5 mobile phone, we click on the mobile phone "application."

2. Then find the application below the "Settings" button click on it.

3. Then we find the following "about the device" right here and click on it to enter.

4. Here you will see a "build number" we clicked 7 consecutive times, which will show "developer mode enabled."

5. If it does not show we have been clicking on it, and then click the "<" icon shown in the picture.

6. Then you'll find a "developer option" here, and we'll click on it to enter.

7. You will see after entering a "USB debug" Then we select it, this phone screen will prompt "USB debugging only for development purposes we click" OK.


Step 2. The phone is connected to the computer

1. This is the same as the other Samsung phones connected to the computer as long as the data line with the computer USB interface.

2. Then we open the 91 assistant on the phone, as shown in the following figure shows that the sm-g9006v connection will show the phone model.

Tip: If 91 assistants are in the following position for a long time, it is recommended to click "Refresh Device List" below.


To sum up, many sites have Samsung S4 mobile phone connection to the 91 assistant method to pretend to be S5 mobile phone, the results of a lot of friends in the test by their method to connect a lot of problems, this many stationmaster really do not know this is He Yi ah, why to make a false method.

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