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Samsung Note 7 and Samsung S7 edge are also top-notch products. Samsung S7 edge is more stylish and personalized, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is no longer positioned as a strong business, it also adds fashion elements that make Samsung Galaxy Note 7 no longer a single audience, and gradually transforms to cover more consumer groups, through a very fashionable and cutting-edge design such as a curved screen and symmetric front and back glass, more users are attracted to pay attention to it, so as to achieve cross-border real meaning.

The two mobile phones are so powerful that it is difficult for consumers to choose one of them. However, it will take a while before the launch of the product, so that you have enough time to think about it. There are many considerations for choosing a mobile phone. If you want to have a mobile phone with both business and fashion, Samsung Note 7 is definitely the first choice. If only personality and fashion meet your needs, considering the price, Samsung S7 edge is definitely your first choice. At present, Samsung S7 edge has been reduced, and Samsung Note 7 is destined to be expensive, I don't know who you will choose for these two mobile phones?

Border: Samsung S7 edge is round and Samsung note 7 is sharp and round

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gave the first visual impression of the impact. The edges and edges of the glass and metal borders were further reduced, and the edges were killed. When we look back at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6, the biggest slot in our hand was the very cutting edge, however, when the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is reached, the hand cutting experience is almost exhausted, and there is almost no sense at the edge of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the reason is that the radian of Samsung note 7 double-sided 3D glass is more three-dimensional than that of Samsung S7 edge, resulting in a higher degree of bridging of the overall border.

Pull back and talk about the regular part of the mobile phone. Samsung note 7 and Samsung S7 edge are respectively 153.5x73. 9 x 9mm and 150.9X72.6x7.7. In fact, Samsung Note 7 and Samsung S7 edge are not very different in size. In many people's subconscious, Samsung Note 7 is destined to be larger than Samsung S in size. When we overlap two mobile phones, Samsung note 7 is a little longer than Samsung S7 edge, and the difference in width and thickness is very small.

Side design: Samsung S7 edge front 3D glass is larger than the back, Samsung Note 7 front and rear 3D glass amplitude symmetry

Another detail feature is the design of the sides. We can see that the 3D glass on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is larger than that on the back, making the front and back asymmetrical. On the other hand, the size of 3D glass before and after Samsung Galaxy note 7 is the same, making the mobile phone more orderly. On the corners, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is more angular, but more sleek, so Samsung Galaxy note 7 is better than Samsung S7 edge in the whole process.

Different versions: the coral blue version is added to Samsung Note 7.

After opening the screen, we will find that the screen proportion of Samsung Note 7 is very high, and the mobile phone's border is almost invisible. There have also been slight changes in the color of the mobile phone. By comparing with Samsung S7 edge, the black Samsung Note 7 is darker than the Samsung S7 edge. This Samsung Note 7 also adds some fresh blood, in addition to gray and gold, the new coral blue version, the coral blue version gives people a feeling more dynamic.

Recognized and unlocked features: Samsung S7 edge pressed design, Samsung Note 7 iris recognition

Samsung S7 edge uses pressed fingerprint recognition, which is also an imperfection of the Samsung S7 series. The biggest upgrade of Samsung Note 7 is the increase in iris recognition, which is a new way to unlock. There are two cameras on both sides of the mobile phone receiver, and a launch device similar to infrared is on the left side, which will light up during identification. Iris recognition and unlocking are more secure than fingerprint recognition. We expect Samsung's iris recognition to bring more mobile phone manufacturers into the iris era and add strength to the security of mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof functions this time. It is said that Samsung S7 can be soaked for 30 minutes in 1 meter deep water, this feature is also supported when the mobile phone and the Pen S Pen are separated. The S Pen supports floating text translation and text amplification. You can also use this Pen to quickly screen recording and cropping, generate GIF animations. In terms of interfaces, unlike Samsung S7 edge, USB has also been upgraded to a Type-C interface that is currently popular.


With the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we can see that the Samsung Note series has gradually changed from focusing on business positioning to taking into account the diversity of entertainment functions. It can be said that the design of Samsung note 7 is more user-friendly and covers a wider range of consumers. Compared with the currently popular Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, although the configuration is not greatly improved, we found that Samsung note 7 has brought a lot of new features. According to the prices of Samsung Note series phones, the prices will remain around 5888. I don't know which one of the following products will you choose compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, the biggest competitor of your company?

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