SAP Configuration Webdynpro Complete Brochure

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The required configuration for WEBDYNPRO development under SAP is as follows:

1. Internet Communication Manager

Verify that the HTTP/HTTPS provided in ICM is operating normally.

Display service TCODE:SMICM.

ICM plays an important role in the application of SAP system, after HTTP request arrives ICM, the HTTP request is forwarded by ICM to the corresponding work process, it can also control the cache of HTTP object.
2, the Internet Communication Framework (ICF)
ICF provides an environment in which worker processes in ABAP as handle HTTP requests. There are a number of ICF service required activations required for WDA, which can be activated using Report:rsicf_service_activation, with three groups of
      Wda required by the runtime environment for ICF Service
L WEB dynpro ABAP DESIGN time
    The ICF needed for the View Designer to be used in the development Wda in ABAP Workbench Service
L WEB dynpro ABAP test APPS
    ICF service required to test Wda.
TCODE:SICF enters the maintenance service according to the default execution program, activating the following services:
    default_host/sap/bc/ webdynpro/*
    Asterisk indicates that all services under this node are activated.

3. Set fully qualified Domain Names FQDN(after I test, this step can not be used)

Configuration parameter Icm/host_name_full

Tcode:rz10 This step so far has not been set to success, but it does not matter, anyway, the development seems to have no impact.

4. Set IP, Domain name Mapping (after I test, this step can not be used)

If the domain name can be resolved by DNS, you can omit this step.

Set the IP to the previous step setting the domain name Mapping in C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/DRIVERS/ETC

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SAP Configuration Webdynpro Complete Brochure

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