SATA hard Drive cause ghost blue screen What should I do?

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After entering the DOS, the operation of the Ghost machine will stop not moving, into a false panic phenomenon. If you enter the PE run ghost will be blue screen.

The main reason for this is that the ghost version is too low (version less than 11) and does not recognize Sata's optical drives and hard drives. When the ghost starts, it detects whether the IDE hard disk exists, if there is no IDE device, it will continue to detect, causing false panic. Of course, I've also seen people say that onboard USB devices can also cause ghost to crash. It is said that the hard disk has hidden partitions, and the first partition for the NTFS partition format, resulting in DOS can not normally access SATA hard drives, will also cause ghost panic.

The solution is to accept several methods:

1, using the latest GHOST.EXE, the latest version should be able to support SATA devices.

2, modify the BIOS in the SATA settings, into the motherboard BIOS, Drive configuration option ata/ide Configuration The default setting is "enhanced", which is changed to "Legacy", and Legacy IDE The channels option is also changed to SATA, and the above settings are completed before you run Ghost. This approach is mainly to change the hard drive SATA enhanced mode to compatibility mode, that is, IDE mode. Some BIOS statements may be different, such as Lenovo Kai-Day is the integrated peripharals--onchip IDE device under the hard disk mode from enhanced to compatible. It is best to disable the USB BIOS Legace support in the BIOS.

3, Boot to DOS, run ghost-noide, prohibit ghost detection IDE devices.

4, start to WinPE, run GHOST32.exe.

5, if you only use SATA devices, you can disable the IDE in the BIOS by: del-integrated peripherals-ide Function setup-onchip IDE Channel 0 or 1, change the parameters to Disabled.

Note that if you use SATA optical drive, boot to Dos must load Uide.sys, otherwise can not find the optical drive. There is in the ghost, the hard disk C partition is best FAT32, lest there be strange fault.

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