Scissors stone cloth Small exercise three languages python2, PHP, go code

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Scissors stone cloth Small exercise three languages python2, PHP, go code

# Coding:utf-8
Python core programming 6-14 problem solving ideas
Design a "stone, scissors, cloth" game, sometimes called "Rochambeau", you may have played as a child, the following is the rule.
You and your opponent, at the same time making specific gestures, must be one of the following gestures: stone, scissors, cloth. Victor from
In the following rules, the rule itself is a paradox.
(a) cloth-clad stones.
(b) The stone hit the scissors,
(c) Scissors cut the cloth. In your computer version, the user enters her/his options, the computer is looking for a random option, and then by you
Program to determine a winner or a tie. Note: The best algorithm is to use the IF statement as little as possible.
Python training Huanggo wrote Python2

Import Random
Guess_list = ["Stone", "scissors", "cloth"]
Win_combination = [["Cloth", "stone"], ["Stone", "scissors"], ["Scissors", "cloth"]]
While True:
Computer = Random.choice (guess_list)
People = raw_input (' Please input: stone, scissors, cloth \ n '). Strip ()
If people not in Guess_list:
People = Raw_input (' re-enter: stone, scissors, cloth \ n '). Strip ()
if computer = = People:
Print "Tie, play again!" "
elif [Computer, people] in win_combination:
Print "Computer wins!" "
Print "Man wins!" "

This code is written by the Python video training course Huanggo.
Python core programming 6-14 exercises, write it again in PHP.
Running PHP test.php on Linux terminal
This code is tested and run correctly under the Mac.
Total: This code is modified according to the Python code I wrote.
Learning a programming language and learning the second one is easy, why?
The programming idea is the same.
$my _array = Array ("Stone", "scissors", "cloth");
$guize = Array ("Stone", "scissors"), Array ("scissors", "cloth"), Array ("cloth", "stone");
The above 2 variables define an array to be entered, and a two-dimensional array of winning rules
Var_dump ($guize);
$rand _keys = Array_rand ($my _array);
$computer = $my _array[$rand _keys];
Take random values from an array

Echo $computer. "\ n";

Echo $person;
while (True)
echo "Please enter: stone scissors cloth \ n";
$person = Trim (fgets (STDIN));
$input = Array ($computer, $person);
Constructs an array of input $person and randomly generated values from the computer
Re-judge in the winning rule array

if (! ( In_array ($person, $my _array)))
echo "can only input ' scissors, stone, cloth, please re-enter '";


if ($computer = = $person)
echo "Tie \ n";

else if (In_array ($input, $guize)) {
echo "Computer wins \ n";

echo "man wins \ n";

Package Main

Change the python exercise scissors stone cloth to the code of the Go language
Huanggo written on March 19, 2014 in Beijing

Import (

The following function determines that a one-dimensional slice is not in the two-dimensional slice, which is equivalent to the in function in Python
Func exist_in (str1 [][]string, str2 []string) int {
For _, Item: = Range STR1 {
If item[0] = = Str2[0] && item[1] = = Str2[1] {
Return 1
return 0

Func Main () {
var person string
Guess_list: = []string{"Stone", "scissors", "cloth"}
Win: = [][]string{{"cloth", "stone"}, {"Stone", "scissors"}, {"Scissors", "Cloth"}}

for {
Num: = Rand. INTN (Len (guess_list))
Computer: = Guess_list[num]
Fmt. PRINTLN (computer)
Fmt. PRINTLN ("Please input ' stone, scissors, cloth '")
Fmt. SCANF ("%s\n", &person)
Input: = []string{computer, person}//constructs a one-dimensional slice
if computer = = Person {
Fmt. PRINTLN ("Tie! ")

} else if exist_in (Win, input) > 0 {
Fmt. PRINTLN ("Computer wins")

} else {
Fmt. PRINTLN ("Man wins")


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