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Hello everyone, I am a stone. Online see so many how to become SEO master and so on articles, see more perhaps you will become more and more confused, what should I do to improve myself faster. SEO practitioners who have some experience are facing a difficult problem: how to improve themselves? It is far from enough to learn from the work, but in the face of a lot of realistic problems, but also let you at a loss. In fact, SEO experts are driven by the renminbi, stone now do is the chain robot. What is an outside chain robot? It's the outer chain. There is a good title: Outside the chain commissioner, sometimes think of that point income can really cut off everything. Finding a girlfriend and getting married are all nonsense. Everyone blames me for being too realistic. Stone has always been the status quo, it can be said to be degenerate. Work is not tired, and many 80, the same as the "Moonlight Clan", but the years are not. Most SEO practitioners are 80, a. All right, cut the crap and get to the point.

SEO Master is the actual combat feed out. Your customer will not understand 404 pages, 301 redirects, customers only believe the case. In the face of no case of SEO workers, what we need most is the case. Let your client or interviewer believe the case, the only way to get the case: orders. Just read a friend wrote an article about SEO experience, feeling very good. For those of us who have no case of SEO practitioners, maybe you are like a rock. Will send out the chain, will be false original articles, these SEO skills is very simple. But you can get a list, but it's a list of cabbages. Here recommend a good place to take a list of SEO: A5 forum, seowhy can also take orders. Below share the experience of novice orders:

First: Do not be ambitious

Novice orders often have nothing to convince the customer case, so the general big customers will not find you do. So we have to find some small list to do, although such a list does not make much money. But the most important thing is to accumulate some experience and cases, so as to go on gradually. Wait until you have a shot case to pick up some big list, but it takes some time, not too radical.

Second: Do not all the money

Say this word, perhaps a lot of people want to take a brick to clap me. Is it just for the renminbi? Stone thought more valuable is resources and experience. These things cannot be bought by money, and when you do the optimization, you need to find out the chain resources. You need to change links, you need to talk to customers about the price. These all have a lot of skills, but also have to have a network of resources. I think a lot of SEO practitioners want to start a business, want to have a belong to their own optimization company it. And the most important thing to optimize the operation of the company is this? How to quote? How to explain and why the ranking will fall off? Such questions.

The above is a summary of the stone summed up a point SEO experience. Experience is not, the specific details of the problem you still go to see some SEO to connect Tanda article. In addition to the list of SEO optimization rankings, we can also take some and SEO want to close the list, such as: On behalf of writing soft, part-time website editor, SEO diagnosis. But the SEO diagnosis needs to have the more rich optimization experience and the more professional SEO knowledge. However, soft writing and part-time editing more suitable for us, but also can help us to quickly improve the ability to write soft paper.

First: Soft text generation Writing

can go to pig on the internet to take some soft writing tasks, such as: Taobao shopkeepers need to promote soft wen. Such an article is not difficult to write, Baidu has a lot of search. Read one more on the line. Don't say your writing is not good, can't write it. Do you read those articles? The truth is almost the same, the author is basically not a professional writer. Everyone has written a composition, those articles are not as good as the writing you write in high school, the key is that you have the patience to write. The beginning of everything is difficult, write a few more natural on the line. We are not writers which have so good writing, not to say is "vernacular" mody.

Second: part-time editors

Part-time editing is easier, A5 forum I see a lot of strokes. In fact, is responsible for change article, Gaga anchor text. Maybe you're still using fake original tools. But the tool cannot compare with the human brain, therefore can write the original article is the Seoer essential skill.

Summary: Want to be a master must first endure hardship, accumulate experience more. But without the renminbi as a driving force, it's hard to keep going. So we have time or to pick up a single bar, can make some living expenses, but also to master some practical SEO skills. Both of them, why not?

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