Service Computing Basics UDDI SOAP WSDL attributes SOA design principles

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1. What is the role of wsdl,uddi,soap in Web services? How do they interact with Web services systems or applications? What are their constituent elements (structures) respectively? What is the relationship between these elements?

Wsdl:web Service Description Language, which is used to describe the interface of a service

UDDI: Unified Description, Discovery, and integration protocols that enable users to discover and assemble services into their own systems

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol for message encapsulation and transmission

The process of interoperability between them:soap is responsible for encoding, encapsulating, and transmitting messages, defining the communication model, and then separating the functions and execution by WSDL, describing the soap interface of the service , and finally the Web service is properly described in terms of business, service, and technology through UDDI , in the Web the description of the persisted storage Web service in the service registry makes it easy for users to find the services they need.

SOAP composition elements:

1. Envelope (Envelope): Defines a message framework that describes the sender, receiver, and processing method of the message content;

2. Encoding Rules (Encodingrules): an instance of the data type that the application needs to use

3. binding: Defines the underlying communication protocol for information exchange

4. RPC: protocol that represents a remote procedure call and reply

WSDL constituent elements:

1. message: Consists of several logical parts (part)

2. portType: Port type

3. O peration: operation, message exchange Mode

4. B inding: binding defines how messages are delivered and where they are served

5. P ORT Access endpoint

6. S ervice: A collection of services, access endpoints

UDDI constituent elements:

1. White page: Record service provider address, contact information

2. Yellow Pages: Classification of information based on industry classification

3. Green page: Business capabilities and related information about the service

2. How do I implement a XML-RPC based Web service system or application? What is the XML document format for XML-RPC request and reponse? What is the composition structure? How do I define a data type?

use remote methods to invoke this pattern for WebService implementations, especially in the case of a simple request corresponding to the model. In this process, the XML file in the transfer describes more information about the remote method, such as the method name, method parameters , and so on.

document exchange, compared to RPC in the XML file is not a remote method mapping, but a complete self-contained business document, when the service side received the document, the first preprocessing (such as lexical translation and mapping), and then construct a return message. In the process of returning a message, this construct is often no longer a simple method call, but multiple objects work together to complete the processing of a transaction and return the result .

3. What is a restful Web Service? What is the characteristic of it? How does its request differ from the SOAP service?

4. What are the eight basic design principles of SOA? What is the purpose and meaning of the SOA framework? What are the characteristics of SOA?

Basic principles:

the purpose and meaning of the SOA framework:

features of SOA:

Service Computing Basics UDDI SOAP WSDL attributes SOA design principles

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