SharePoint + Office Infopart + Quick app for SharePoint to build a paperless work platform

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Project background:

A large foreign company in the division through the Internet Unified domain environment, Exchange messaging system, SharePoint platform and Dependent environment has been purchased and built up, Dell Quick app for SharePoint has been purchased and successfully deployed WebPart.

At least one employee in each of the internal departments has been trained to use simple Sharepoint,infopart and the Quick app for Sharepoint ( formerly known as Quest Webpart).

A procedural ape assists in the implementation.

SharePoint Developer Tools:SharePoint Designer

Project requirements:

1. Knowledge sharing and document management (SharePoint basic Features)

2, paperless Office, various application forms (except financial system) with electronic work order (infopart basic function)

3, each department has its own portal portals on demand for information dissemination, ticket application processing and intra-departmental discussions and other functions (SharePoint sub-station, Sharepint Team discussion and other functions)

4, easy to use, after training departments without it background people can get started using, as far as possible without programming to write code implementation

5, only for internal staff use unified domain environment certification.

Plan the implementation process:

1, in accordance with the company's organizational structure to establish the main station and the sub-stations, the allocation of sub-stations corresponding user rights (each department by one to two site administrators have all the rights to administer the site)

2, design the website for each department individually

1) Website Summary design (homepage, each sub-page or establish sub-station if necessary)

2) Create a document libraryand partition its directory structure for document management (background data, document management)

3) Set up listfor information publishing and management (background data)

4) Design the Infopart electronic form and publish it to a SharePoint form library, if the form is simple enough to be implemented directly with the Infopart design list, need it assistance to create rules for Infopart. (Implement e-form)

5) Extensive use of qlistview,qselecter and Qchartview used in the Quick app for SharePoint in various pages for information presentation, data summarization by graphic display and search, etc. (front-end data display)

6) Create workflows for each form or list (1. It collaboration creates a global workflow, list workflow with SharePoint design. 2. Create an approval workflow for a form)

7) If the function of each webpage is complicated, it must write a simple CSS and JavaScript code implementation (front-end display).

3. Test each department's website or the Office system individually.

Like what:

Meeting Room Application System (query meeting room Vacancy, fill out InfoPath form, submit e-mail alert success or not), Office supplies Inventory management system and leave application management system.

Actual implementation process

1, the Business department has been said to be busy, to find a program ape open a meeting to the program ape this side, the results of the program Ape had to follow the company's organizational structure to create the various SharePoint sites, the user rights assigned to the good.

2, the Business Department website implementation is more funny, and others are PPT master, one holding a beautiful ppt to find it program Ape meeting, this said I want to make such an effect, that said he want to make such effects, a variety of popular website special effects, program Ape tactfully replied: "These are need to write code implementation, You're not defending yourself. "Hehe, submissive also have, not obedient a lot of times, insist to make that effect, and request to make convenient maintenance." At this time, the program Ape became the protagonist, know that the assistance to implement just sell a Xiaoguanzi, this is the pit also haha.

A pass, with PS Cut, div+css production page, with a lot of ready-made jquery plug-ins, I also wrote a lot of jquery plug-ins to achieve special effects, spent several weeks; design dozens of InfoPath forms, write InfoPath rules, so worked down for a few weeks , writing various workflows with SharePoint Designer for several weeks, and meeting the needs of each department member for a few times.

3, very hard to finish down to test each, the departments are countless whim, to change how to how hehe, so several weeks to go back and forth, and change bugs to find worms for a few weeks time.

At present, very easy, all in use, many departments will maintain their own pages and use other functions, look at the problem seems to be less and more, finally can be relieved.

Microsoft's things are relatively stupid, say that if you do not think too much performance, you can really use the code to build the system, no wonder so many foreign companies like to spend money with their things.

SharePoint + Office Infopart + Quick app for SharePoint to build a paperless work platform

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