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SharePoint workflows are generally designed in three modes:

1. Some process templates provided by wf: three-state, approval, and so on.

2. Use sharepoint designer and microsoft visio design process

3. There are other third-party workflow platforms and the use of Vs for workflow design and development.

I will not describe the above content one by one. I believe that while reading my blog, you have already opened many workflow articles that have been written by workflow experts, the younger brother's article is for learning and reference only. Next we will start to create a workflow:

Note: how to create a sharepoint site and some list and permissions on how to operate sharepoint is not described here, mainly in the workflow:

The following describes how to develop a workflow:

1. Create a workflow list and a task list


The two lists are the ones we need to create. After creating the list we need, we should create our workflow in the next step.

2. Create a workflow

Step 1 open our SPD 203 client tool: enter the URL of the current site to open the interface as follows:

Step 2: Find the navigation menu on the left on the current interface-> List-> XXXX test list, for example:

Double-click the list to go to the list configuration management page, as shown in:



On this page, locate the job stream: select the new button to display the page shown in:


Add a name to the preceding page and select the workflow platform type. Click OK to go to the workflow configuration page:

So far, we have created a workflow. The details of how to configure the workflow and what settings should be described in the next chapter,

Detailed descriptions of other workflows and links to tutorials:





Sharepoint 2013 WorkFlow custom task processing page (1)

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