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Delegate Workflow Task (User interaction Group)

This operation will delegate the unhandled workflow task to the specified user.

This action is used for scenarios where an approved task is assigned to a user and the user is still not responding after the deadline, and the task is delegated to other users.

For a description of the configuration item:

Action ID

Select a workflow variable that contains a request to delegate an action ID, and only variables of type "Action ID" are displayed in the drop-down box. To store the action ID into a variable, configure the Store action ID in field in the following actions:

Request Approval, request Data, request Review

Delegate after

Specifies how long after the task is delegated.

Time Calculation

Specifies how the time is calculated, including non-working days, nonworking hours.

Delegate to

Delegate to that user or group.


Remarks when the delegate operation is performed.

Apply to

All pending tasks

Delegate all outstanding overtime tasks.

First pending task

Only the first outstanding time-out task is delegated, and the other tasks are set to no need.

Delete/disable CRM Record (Integration Group, Enterprise Edition only)

This action is used to remove or disable an entity record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, including user-defined entities.

For a description of the configuration item:

Dynamics CRM Version

The version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server that you want to connect to.

Server URL

The URL of the CRM server.

Organization Name

Organization name.


User credentials to connect to the CRM server.


deleted or disabled.


The type of CRM record.

Record to delete

Specifies the GUID of the CRM record to be deleted or disabled. It is recommended that you use the query CRM operation to obtain the specified GUID.

The PNS. Delete AD Group (Enterprise Edition only)

This action deletes an ad security group.

For a description of the configuration item:

Active Directory Details


Configure the LDAP path.

Group Details

Group Name

The name of the security group to remove.

Delete Audience (Provisioning Group, Enterprise Edition only)

This operation is only available in the server version.

This action deletes listeners that already exist in the environment.

For a description of the configuration item:

Audience name

The name of the listener to delete.


User credentials that have permission to delete listeners.

Drafts Delete (Libraries and lists group)

This action deletes all drafts on the current entry.

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (13)

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