SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (4)

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SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (4)

Manage workflow constants. Here, you can manage the constants used in the workflow, that is, you can define some constants applied to our workflow. You can select the string plaintext, ciphertext, date, username and password, and numeric type when creating the instance.

The Scope here displays the Site. If the workflow constant jumps to the website set, it is displayed as the Site Collection, and the Scope parameter values of the URL may be confused. Note that.

"Manage Holidays"

Manage holidays. Here is the holiday list of this website, which can be managed for holidays.

If the name is given to Chinese, it will become garbled, so I changed the test here to English.

"Workflow Change Approval"

Workflow Change Approval. Set whether or not to approve a workflow change. Whether or not to approve the change by default. If it is set to require approval, you need to specify the name of the approval workflow, the user group for approval, and the processing method for the running workflow.

Click "OK" to go To the workflow visualization page and modify it.

"Manage User Defined Actions"

Manage user-defined operations. The user-defined workflow operation list is displayed. You can customize workflow operations.

"Manage workflow history lists"

Manage the workflow history list. Here we can see the list information of the workflow History List (a bit detour, a list, each Item is the information of a workflow history list ). You can create and manage an existing workflow history list. After creation, you can only disable the operation but not delete it.

"Workflow error configurations"

Workflow error (Cancellation) reminder. Sets whether to notify the workflow creator and other personnel when a workflow error occurs or is canceled (configurable ).

"Purge workflow data"

Clear workflow data. When the list or database is deleted, the workflow data is cleared, or custom filtering conditions are used to clear workflow data that meets the conditions.

"View reports"

View the workflow report. You can view the workflow statistical report information of a certain dimension.

The above is an overview of Nintex Workflow settings in website settings. Next we will apply Nintex to create a simple workflow.

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