Silverlight 3.0 no longer contains the ASP: Silverlight Control

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The following error may be reported when you upgrade from Silverlight 2 to Silverlight 3,ProgramThe ASP: Silverlight control may be referenced in:

Cocould not load file or assembly 'System. Web. Silverlight 'or one of its Dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Failed to Load file or assembly "system. Web. Silverlight" or one of its Dependencies

The reason is that the Silverlight 3 SDK has removed ASP: Silverlight and ASP: mediaplayer. These two controls are included in the DLL system. Web. Silverlight. dll.


For upgrading programs

The simplest method is to install the assembly system. Web. Silverlight. dll.

First, you can install the Silverlight 2 SDK at the same time. This dll is included in the Silverlight 2 SDK installation package and is located in C: \ Program Files \ microsoft sdks \ Silverlight \ V2.0 \ libraries \ Server, silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 can be run in parallel (side-by-side ).

Second, you can also directly obtain the DLL and source code from the


About New Programs

Microsoft recommends replacing ASP: Silverlight with HTML standard tag object (and Silverlight. JS), which is as follows:

<Object type = "application/x-silverlight-2"
Data = "data: Application/X-Silverlight ,"
Width = "450" Height = "220">
<Param name = "Source" value = "mysilverlightapplication. xap"/>
Note: Firefox must include an additional data attribute ending with a comma.
For other complete attributes and parameters, refer to the msdn Silverlight plug-in object reference.
In addition, the download document ASP. NET Server controls for Silverlight in the Silverlight 3 SDK details how to use objects in Silverlight 3 to initialize the Silverlight application.
Example (see Silverlight 3 OBJECT tag Param list (aka where is my ASP: Silverlight control ?))

Note thatCodeIFRAME is used for cross-browser compatibility. IFRAME prevents safari from caching this page. When the user returns the accessed page, the safari cache will prevent the Silverlight plug-in from being reloaded. IFRAME must be followed by </Object>.
Silverlight 3 OBJECT tag Param list (aka where is my ASP: Silverlight control ?)
ASP. NET controls in Silverlight 3
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