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There is an article on "easily creating a Silverlight Development Environment" in yinzhong guowang"ArticleI believe it has helped a lot of new users with Silverlight, but this article introduces the Silverlight 3 development environment. This article will be updated based on the above to help new users easily create the Silverlight 4 development environment.

To create a Silverlight 4 development environment, Microsoft provides the simplest way to use web platform installer for "one-click installation ",

After download and installation, web platform installer will automatically detect which software you have installed


To install the new developer tools, you only need to select the project. The following "Install" button will prompt you to install the next step. Generally, the development environment of Silverlight 4 must contain the following development tools: 1. visual Studio 2010 or visual web developer 2010 Express ,. NET framework 4 will be installed at the same time, and can also be downloaded separately. NET framework 4 installation; 2. after installing the development tool, you need to download and install the Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010 Development Kit. Download link: Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010. After installation, the Silverlight 4 Project Development template, Silverlight 4 SDK, and related development environment will be automatically updated in Visual Studio 2010. the content contained in this development package is as follows:

    • Silverlight 4 developer runtime
    • Silverlight 4 SDK (software development kit)
    • Update for Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer express 2010 (kb982218)
    • Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010
    • WCF Ria services V1.0 for Silverlight 4
    • F # runtime for Silverlight 4

3. for Silverlight artist developers, You need to download expression studio 4 because only blend 4 supports Silverlight 4 project development. In addition, blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010 are seamlessly integrated, with blend 4, you can easily create and modify custom control styles and develop a professional Silverlight project interface. 4. finally, we recommend that you install the Silverlight 4 toolkit control package, which is a Silverlight control extension package developed by Microsoft. it contains dozens of extension controls to facilitate Silverlight project development. In addition, this project is an open-source project, allowing developers to easily modify controls and create custom control effects. After the above tools are installed, the development environment of Silverlight 4 has been created. If you are using web platform installer, you can select the above options for one-click installation to develop the Silverlight 4 Project. In addition, Microsoft has released the offline help document for the official Silverlight 4 Simplified Chinese version. This document contains all the technical knowledge of Silverlight 4 and is required by developers and is recommended for download.Microsoft Silverlight 4 offline document (Simplified Chinese)
Http:// Displaylang = ZH-CN & familyid = b6127b9b-968c-46c2-8cb6-d228e017ad74

Microsoft Silverlight 4 online help documentation (msdn) (Simplified Chinese)
Http:// (vs.95). aspx if you need to create a Silverlight 2/3 development environment, visit this tutorial. The development of Silverlight requires the support of more developers. Join the Silverlight development ranks.



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Install the development tool in another way:


Vs2010 English version (Chinese version has not been released):


Silverlight4_tools Development SDK: Linkid = 141284


Silverlight_4_toolkit_april_2010 control package: (click the silverlight_4_toolkit_april_2010.msi and select I agree)


Silverlight client:


FourProgramParse the following:

I don't know more about vs2010. I don't know how to go to Baidu;

The silverlight4_tools Development SDK is the Silverlight development environment, which must be installed; otherwise, you cannot develop it;

Silverlight_4_toolkit_april_2010 control package, which is very good. There are a lot of Nb controls in it, and Microsoft encapsulated controls are very useful;

If the Silverlight client is not installed, you will not be able to see the effect on your computer no matter whether you have developed the program or run it on your own. It is like you cannot watch videos without installing flash10.0.








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