SOAPUI parameter Chinese garbled problem solving method &soap UI Tool for Web interface testing

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SoapUI parameter Chinese garbled problem solving method

Possible Scenario 1:

Fonts do not support Chinese, and fonts can be modified:

File-preferences-editor settings-select Font to change to display Chinese, such as Fangsong

possible Scenario 2:

If the response message is garbled, try to:

File-preferences-http settings, do not tick response compression

Note: The first two modifications are to reopen the garbled window before it takes effect.

possible Scenario 3:

edit The Soapui.bat file,

Set "- dsoapui.home=%soapui_home%\ "-splash:soapui-pro-splash.png record after adding -dsun.jnu.encoding=utf-8- Dfile.encoding=utf-8 Save, then restart.

possible Scenario 4:

Select the UTF-8 encoding format in the Encoding location of request, and note that when you fill in the parameters in JSON format, You must use the UTF-8 encoding format.

Before the front page finishes, if we need to test the interface, but now we have no development tools in hand, we need tools.

The following describes the use SOAP UI Test Web service.


1. Create a new project

Select New REST project to givethe project a name.

2. Select a path

in the new Select the New REST Service from URIin Project, and fill in the IP address and port number

3. Fill in the path, select method, submit Parameters

Fill in the specific path in resource, Select the implementation methodat method (get/put/post), Parameter names and parameter values can be added directly to the left by submitting parameters.

4. Run.

Click on the small green triangle to get the return result.

SOAPUI parameter Chinese garbled problem solving method &soap UI Tool for Web interface testing

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