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I. Software Architecture

There is no "best-selling book" in this field. Maybe the majority of the readers are developers and project managers. They are really positioned as architects and do not do much work for architects.

1. Software Architect bootcamp-software architect tutorial

It is a pity that the new architect training camp is often used as an example by using CORBA. The 2nd version has not been translated in China, so I had to read the first version of the Chinese language before going to the electronic version.

2. Large-scale software architecture-A Practical Guide using UML-large software architecture: use UML Practice Guide
If you are not familiar with the previous book, you can use this book as an entry guide.

3. The art of software architecture: design methods and techniques-art of software architecture

A thin book that abstracts and promotes the architecture theory.

4. documenting software ubuntures: Views and beyond-Software Architecture Archive

There are a lot of books on the market that describe the architecture of the 13th jolt award, but the process of capturing the architecture is why there are fewer books to capture, so it takes jolt.

Ii. Architecture Model

Gof23 belongs to the pattern of the developer, and the architect also has the pattern of the architect.

1. Head first design patterns 

The best gof23 classic design mode.

2. Patterns of enterprise application architecture-enterprise application architecture model

Martin Fowler classic.

3. Analysis Patterns: Reusable object models-Analysis Mode
Martin Fowler works, but only those with that experience can see it.

4. domain-specific application frameworks: Frameworks experience by industry-application framework in specific fields: industry framework experience
I have introduced the design of specific frameworks in specific fields. I like the design and thinking of others.

Iii. Specific Domain Models

1. Java EE Field 
Dynamic Enterprise Java-Chinese edition

Neward, Ted.

Expert one-on-one J2EE design and development-Guide to J2EE design and development

Rod Johnson's work should be read by unlucky architects who still use J2EE.

Enterprise integration patterns: designing, building, and deploying messaging solutions-enterprise integration mode: design, build, and deploy message delivery solutions

3. Network and Background Service Programming
Pattern-oriented software architecture, patterns for concurrent and networked objects, Volume 2-pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 2: Pattern for concurrent and networked objects

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: Patterns for resource management, Volume 3-- Model-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 3: Resource Management Model

The famous posa2 and posa3.


In addition to the RUP, UML, and 4 + 1 views, architects can also follow many design methods, but UML is still the general language of architects, it is also the most clear task execution process for architects.

1. the best version of RUP is the best version of the "Best practices of the software development team" plus the documents from the architect's perspective in the Chinese version of rup2003.6.15. If you have any questions, see the Rational Unified Process:. introduction. version 3rd

2. You can get started with reading an e-book using UML. You do not need to buy books in terms of syntax. However, it is necessary to teach people how to draw the "the elements of UML style-UML style" of UML. Unfortunately, Chinese Version 2nd has not been translated.

5. Books

1. Code complete 2-code Daquan 2 

A spokesperson for your education.

2. the pragmatic programmer-the way programmers practice: from small workers to experts

A spokesperson for your younger brother.

3. The art of Unix programming-Unix programming Art

6. Efficient reading experience

When the head first series begins with a lecture about how to read, we can combine our own experience as follows:

1. Try to read the Chinese version
Although some people are very good at English and some have poor translations, the speed of reading and understanding anyway Chinese is faster.

2. Instant comments, summary notes, and communication
Although I love books, I found that the most effective way to read books is to constantly create fat books. When I read books, I wrote my thoughts on the pages with important underscores.
After reading the dashes and comments, repeat the expression in your own language. Some people like to use mindmanager. I still prefer plain text 123.
It is best to review it once tomorrow or discuss it with others.
3. Think a lot or repeat the memory
The most depressing thing about reading a book is that my head is empty after reading it. It's better to focus on technical books. Although it may be hard to read, it's like learning to ride a bicycle and then riding it again. But the design and management books, the easiest thing to do is to watch it quickly. There is nothing left in the project practice after reading it.
Therefore, we cannot view design books at the speed of reading novels. We need to look for opportunities for thinking. thinking is the best memory.
If there are no topics to think about, there will be only a large number of repeated memories, repeated multiple times until the unconscious memories.

4. Ergonomics
The time and location of the stitch are not a good place to read this book.
There should be no TV in the environment, strong input sources such as music, while weak input sources such as breeze, sunshine, and bird language can help the brain to become active.
Drinking plenty of water while reading books.
If you find that your brain is exhausted and you are looking at it, you have to rest.
Leave time for the brain to digest. Read books instead of reading other difficult books or things.

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