Software Engineering (2) -- Software Engineering

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The first chapter of each book is about macro things, and softwares are no exception. Next, we will introduce the "what is" of software engineering.
1. What is it? Software Engineering Is to solve Software Crisis And appears.
What is Software Crisis ?
Currently, some small systems cannot meet people's needs. Software developers need to design large systems to meet user needs, but the development technology is still insufficient and problems may occur during design, software management and maintenance are relatively more complex. Therefore, the problems encountered during software development and maintenance are called "Software Crisis" . To get rid "Software Crisis" To summarize the problems: Develop software based on the principles and methods of the development project, It can solve the "software crisis ". The conclusion is the concept of software engineering. (Software + Engineering)

Ii. Three elements of software engineering is to improve Software Quality And productivity, from Processes, methods, and tools .

1. Software Engineering Method: solves the problem of "how to do it" in software development.
2. Software Engineering Process: The key to managing and controlling product quality.
3. software engineering tools: provide a software supporting environment to assist in the completion of the software development process. 4. Quality in software engineering is the most important, and it is the goal of software engineering.
Iii. Summary before introducing the content of software engineering, we must first understand what software engineering is? Only by knowing what it is can we better understand the following content. Although it is boring to write documents, this is the most important part of software development. If you have an idea, you can simply follow the basic idea.

Software Engineering (2) -- Software Engineering

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