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Recently, I have a relatively accurate understanding of the refinement of various fields in software engineering that I understand. This understanding is somewhat different from the traditional software engineering concept. I will write it here and I will add it later.

Software Engineering is divided into software engineering process theory and software engineering methodology.

Software Engineering Process Theory is divided:

Software Engineering Management process: the team's management philosophy, leader's thinking, team organization form, market definition, customer behavior analysis and positioning are all here. In other words, this process is an external process. It refers to external development teams, such as management, customer, and market.

Software Engineering implementation process: it is usually referred to as Waterfall, iteration, spiral, fountain, etc. Here we will not list them one by one.

The Software Engineering Methodology is divided:

Software development methodology: for example, using a certain language, a certain design model, what architecture to build, and how to implement the details.

Software Organization methodology: it refers to the collaboration methods and relationships among members in the team, such as Pair programming, single-person programming, and exchange programming proposed by me, in addition, resource allocation also belongs to this aspect.

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