Solid state drive plus mechanical hard drive can you open AHCI mode?

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Netizen recently asked a question: solid-state hard disk and mechanical hard drive can open AHCI mode? With the prevalence of SSDs, many friends of the computer are upgraded to use solid-state hard drives, SSD+HDD dual-drive computers are more and more, Therefore on the solid state drive plus mechanical hard disk need to open AHCI mode is also a friend of computer enthusiasts more concerned about the topic, this article to answer.

Solid State Drive

  Can I open AHCI mode with SSD and mechanical hard drive?

The answer is yes, just do the BIOS setup, set the hard drive mode to AHCI mode. If the computer is in IDE mode before, after buying a new hard drive, you need to open AHCI mode in the BIOS setup, and then add SSD (solid-state drive to do system disk) and install the system.

AHCI is called Advanced host Controller Interface, the Advanced host control Interface, which is equivalent to a new generation of hard disk interfaces. In some old computers, the hard drive interface usually defaults to IDE mode, but because of IDE mode, the highest supported hard read speed is only 133m/s, while some new hard drives read faster than this limit, especially the solid-state drives.

So starting with Win8, the hard drive mode must turn on AHCI mode to install the system. Both mechanical hard drives and SSD support AHCI mode, so either SSD or SSD drives and mechanical hard drives need to turn on AHCI mode or severely limit hard disk performance.

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