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Although solid-state drives do not help the speed of the game, but the experience of the game is still very helpful, especially in the large game effect is more obvious, the following article will be through real-time talk about the benefits of solid state drive play game.

The benefits of solid state HDD gaming

DIY hardware three piece over saturation

With the popularity of DX11 single game and various kinds of large-scale online games, the game running on the computer hardware configuration requirements are more and more high. But unlike four or five years ago, it is no longer a major problem to provide a smooth sense of the game with a high video card and CPU. Because they are already saturated. How to enhance the game load speed, improve the efficiency of the game to become players new thinking direction.

In a cool case, only the hard drive or the "old" one.

The bottleneck era of hard disk

Memory, CPU, graphics card compared to 10 years ago performance has been increased by nearly a hundredfold, and the transmission speed of the hard disk only a small amount of multiplication, a disproportionate increase has already made ordinary hard disk can not load the current high-speed transmission needs. Although the various families have launched high-performance hard disk products, but not enough 180mb/s transmission speed is still unable to bring about the essence of the program operation. Solving the hard disk bottleneck has become an imminent issue.

Computer knowledge

This contrast of the two-bit lead 1T 7200 to HDD and Biwin C8301 128GB SSD

SSD breaks data transfer limit, accelerates game loading

SSD was created to break the limitations of hard disk data transfer, greatly reduce the loading time of large programs, most notably in the large game of the embodiment-can be shortened to large games 33% loading time. For the average player who intends to replace the hardware to enhance the gaming experience, it costs less than 3000 yuan for three piece, but it is better to consider the need to replace SSD for hundreds of yuan to solve the real problem. Moreover, the improvement to the notebook user is more obvious.

Change to SSD, load up speed 33% for the game

We choose the current several mainstream games for comparison testing, can be very intuitive to see both SSD and ordinary hard disk in the game contrast performance.

System Configuration

We are using a set of mid-range system, and most players in the home equipment performance similar, so the result will be more representative.

Test Computer Configuration

"Need for Speed 16: The Hurricane"

"Need for Speed 16: The Hurricane" is based on DirectX 10 above the Frost 2 engine, the game screen and the details of the scene before a small increase, large data loading will also take longer to load time.

The pan and shadow effects in the need for speed 16 are well represented but load time consuming

Game Load Time Comparison

"Need for Speed 16" is recognized as a good quality racing game, the new game engine application also makes the game loading speed is relatively long. Relative to the ordinary hard disk, Biwin C8301 to this game load speed up a lot, almost doubled performance.

Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

As a continuation of modern warfare, the game in the first month of the total sales volume reached 6 million. The scene is true, the plot is coherent, by many small level will the story link up, enters the checkpoint before will load the loading program, plays the animation. Each pass takes about 15 minutes, loading more frequently, too long wait time, often will break the continuity of this kind of plot game.

The picture is gorgeous. "From this moment on, you are a soldier."

Game Load Time Comparison

I have always been a loyal fan of Call of duty. Call of Duty 6 is a classic. Because 6 is by the IW 4.0 engine optimization words, and combined with fine modeling and mapping, incorporating the enhanced Time Enhancement program to make the whole picture beautiful, meticulous screen can make you mistakenly think that really in the desert. But brought is a very long loading time, a small 15 minutes of loading did not let us play less, but this time did not think SSD to this game's load ascension so big. In the "Savior" of this map, loading time is even faster than twice times more. It seems that SSD has a great help in running some games.


Global 6 years of popular online games. A lot of players, through this game to know a lot of new partners, this is not just playing a game, but also in building a trust and friendship. The pandas are about to open, have you sharpened your weapons, upgraded your equipment, "for the sake of the alliance, for the tribe", to explore new Pandalia with your partner.

"For Who to hold the wrath of the national security state to punish and rape evil ..."

World of Warcraft Loading time comparison

Biwin C8302 Solid State Drive reduced World of Warcraft loading time by nearly 50%, this means you can get into the game faster and play with your friends, even if you accidentally drop the line and get back to the battlefield as fast as you can, and you don't have to worry about being knocked over when the copy is read, because you are always "quick".

Biwin C8301 solid-state hard drive, read/write speed up to 559mb/s and 533mb/s, 3 times times faster than the hard drive! You will have a more coherent gaming experience for the game with a speed increase of 33%. C8301 is designed with a full capacity, more than 7% more than ordinary SSD, you will be able to load more of your favorite game programs. And with "0 noise", "low power" and other characteristics, even in special circumstances you need to fight in the middle of the night, do not worry about the noise of the hard drive will disturb the rest of the family. The high speed read-write performance of solid-state drives is really a great help to the game load. Increase the efficiency of the program, reduce the loading time of 33%, which is equivalent to a 1/3 increase in computer performance. Why is it expensive to replace three piece? Computer upgrades, the hard drive to upgrade to Biwin SSD can easily handle.

PostScript language: Because today's mainstream computer configuration has been completely able to meet the needs of all kinds of mainstream games, so if for the mainstream game configuration, want to enhance the user experience, and then to upgrade the CPU, graphics, memory three piece has not experienced changes, to add a solid disk to do the system disk can effectively enhance the user experience, In particular, solid-state hard disk computer in the boot time significantly shortened, and load the game screen or switch scene response faster, user experience is better, interested friends may wish to consider whether the need to upgrade SSD solid state hard disk.

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