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Absrtact: Because the multimedia network classroom Student computer software environment basically is same, therefore utilizes the existing classroom The network environment, utilizes the Symantec Ghost 7.5 Corporate Edition network data transmission function and the Microsoft Windows server/ Professional software network deployment function and automatic management function, to complete a variety of software automated network deployment and management. Using this solution will change the mechanical, complex human deployment to computer automated network deployment and management, focusing on software deployment design and characteristics of the analysis. In addition, the implementation of adding, deleting and updating software in the future is discussed in detail.

Keywords: multimedia network classroom; software; network deployment; automatic deployment; Ghost 7.5 Corporate edition;windows Server; Windows down Professional

1. Network deployment and automatic deployment of multimedia network classroom software

At the turn of the century, facing the rise of knowledge economy in the information age, both developed and developing countries are actively exploring the use of modern information technology innovation education to meet the needs of social development in the future. The application of multimedia technology and network technology in education is one of the two world hotspots of educational technology, which will bring about great changes in education and teaching.

At present, the world's advanced countries are actively exploring its application in the field of education. The President of the United States made it clear in his State of the Union address that to enable children aged 12 to access the Internet, 18-year-olds have access to higher education and receive continuing education as adults; Recently, the British government has also proposed in the "information policy" that all primary, secondary, library, college and university access to the National Learning Network in 2002 Japan, France also generally proposed in 2000 years or so to do a pupil of a computer, and connected to the net. It can be seen that multimedia network education is a worldwide development trend. In today's information age, the global trend towards a high degree of integration at the same time, the international competition more intense, the human resources put forward higher requirements.

1.1 Present situation of software deployment in Multimedia network classrooms

Now with the rapid development of IT technology, the performance of computer processing data has been improved. More importantly, the network transmission rate is increasing while the price is declining, which makes the high-speed network into the general multimedia classroom possible.

Multimedia network Classroom is also called network Multimedia classroom, usually refers to in the ordinary single machine room or the General teaching network (generally for 20--50 computer) on the basis of audio/video transmission cards, signal transmission lines, control components, headphones, microphones and other equipment to achieve the teacher machine and the student computer connection, Realize the real-time interactive switch between the computer screen and sound, and have a variety of teaching system which can help the teaching management function.

With the increasing number of computers, the installation and updating of computer software has brought a lot of work to network administrators. At present, the computer of a multi-media network classroom is composed of teacher machine (1 sets), server (1), Student machine (more than 60), all computers connect through 100M network. The initial installation of the student computer software, also known as the operating system and the installation of common applications are used: In a student machine installed a variety of commonly used software as the Master machine, by its son (other waiting to install the software student machine) on the hard drive, one after another installed in the mold, The use of Ghost and other hard disk cloning software to the machine tool on the complete cloning of the data on the child computer hard disk. Finally, the hard drive is installed back to each platform machine. This method makes the network management personnel in the demolition, loading hard disk easily damage the computer, cost a lot of manpower, material resources and time, at the same time, a large number of complex mechanical work makes the possibility of error greatly improved. Because most multimedia classrooms and student computers use Microsoft Windows 98 as the operating system, the security of the computer and the reliability of the network are greatly reduced. Often occurs when Windows 98 is removed and the network is paralyzed, or even when a student computer Windows 98 crashes, the virus infects and spreads more often. All these make the maintenance of software very difficult. Increased the workload of network management personnel.

Not only that, because it's development and the information Technology course becomes the compulsory course, the student's computer application ability in primary and middle schools attaches importance to strengthens. The use rate of multimedia network classrooms has been improved. Although network managers use a lot of hardware and software protection systems, such as: Ghost, the United States and three tea, but for the software version of the update and software categories to add, delete or make network managers have to trouble. For example, information technology lessons from previous Office 97 to Office 2000 and Office Xp;wps 97 to WPS 2000 and WPS Office, and so on. Under normal circumstances, the network management personnel all adopt the school vigor and the teacher machine one one to carry on the software deletion and the addition. Once the computer appears software conflict and instability phenomenon, it is necessary to take the first software installation method for software maintenance.

1.2 The necessity of implementing software network deployment and automatic deployment in multimedia network classrooms

With the development of information technology, the functions of computer hardware and software have been perfected and strengthened. In the hardware aspect, the general student machine CPU is the Intel Celeron II above, the memory is above 64M, the network rate mostly is 10M or 100M. Because the computer hardware comprehensive ability is greatly improved, the software system selection can pay more attention to the security and reliability of the software. This provides the hardware and software Foundation for our implementation of the software's network deployment and automatic deployment. At the same time, advanced multimedia network teaching facilities and the lag of the multimedia classroom management level is extremely disproportionate. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the software network deployment and automatic deployment in multimedia network classrooms, to improve the management level of multimedia network classrooms and to embody the effect of multimedia network teaching.

2. Multimedia network classroom realizes the software automatic deployment and the network deployment characteristic

2.1 Save manpower and material time

Network administrators use the existing network of multimedia classrooms to install the Microsoft Windows Professional operating system for teachers and students according to the design requirements of the program (100M Network 10 computers typically only need a few minutes to complete), Installs the Microsoft Windows server operating system for the server. After this, the students and teachers of various applications, network administrators only need to do simple operation on the server, you can realize the network of all students and teachers computer software automatic installation, add and update. A few days before the need for a few managers work to complete the work, now a person can be completed in a very short time. Because the software implements network deployment and automatic deployment, save a lot of manpower, material resources and time, the network managers from the mechanical, complex manual labor freed, so that they can better invest in the use of network technology and software functions to improve students ' information quality, improve students ' knowledge, improve classroom efficiency, In the study of promoting the reform of teaching methods.

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