Spring Boot series (i) Spring boot introduction and base pom file

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Spring Bootis a new framework provided by the pivotal team, designed to simplify Spring the initial construction and development of new applications. The framework uses a specific approach to configuration, which eliminates the need for developers to define boilerplate configurations. In this way, boot is committed to becoming a leader in the burgeoning field of rapid application development rapid application development .

Features of Spring Boot

1. Create a standalone Spring application

2. Direct embedding Tomcat , Jetty or Undertow , no need to deploy WAR files

3. Provide the recommended base POM file to simplify the Apache Maven configuration

4. Automatically configure the framework based on project dependencies as much as possible Spring

5. Provide production-ready features such as indicators, health checks and external configurations

6. Absolutely no code generation and XML no configuration required

The advantages of Spring boot

spring bootCan support developers to quickly develop a restful style of micro-service architecture;

spring bootAutomation is really convenient, and the micro-service is suitable, single jar package deployment and management are very convenient. As long as the system architecture design is reasonable, large-scale projects can be used, coupled with nginx load balancing, easy to achieve horizontal expansion;

spring bootTo solve the problem, thin provisioning is on the one hand, and on the other hand how to easily spring integrate the ecosystem and other toolchain (for example, Redis email elasticsearch ).

Spring Boot Runtime Environment

Spring Boot most recent (2017-08-18) version Spring Boot 1.5.6 of the operating environment, Spring officially recommends usingJDK1.8

Name Servlet Version Java Version
Tomcat 8 3.1 Java 7+
Tomcat 7 3.0 Java 6+
Jetty 9 3.1 Java 7+
Jetty 8 3.0 Java 6+
Undertow 1.1 3.1 Java 7+

Spring BootMaking it easy to develop an independent, product-level spring-based application, you just need to " just run ." Provides out- Spring of-the-box settings for platforms and third-party libraries, so you can start in a methodical manner. Most Spring Boot applications require very little Spring configuration.

Use Spring Boot to create Java apps, use Spring start-up or adopt traditional war deployment methods. Spring Bootprovides a Spring command-line tool to run the script.

Spring Boot recommended base pom file

name Description
Spring-boot-starter Core POM, which includes automatic configuration support, a log library, and support for YAML configuration files.
Spring-boot-starter-amqp Support AMQP via Spring-rabbit.
Spring-boot-starter-aop Includes SPRING-AOP and AspectJ to support facet-oriented programming (AOP).
Spring-boot-starter-batch Supports Spring Batch, including HSQLDB.
Spring-boot-starter-data-jpa Includes SPRING-DATA-JPA, Spring-orm, and Hibernate to support JPA.
Spring-boot-starter-data-mongodb Contains spring-data-mongodb to support MongoDB.
Spring-boot-starter-data-rest The Spring Data Warehouse is exposed in restful mode through SPRING-DATA-REST-WEBMVC support.
Spring-boot-starter-jdbc Supports access to the database using JDBC.
Spring-boot-starter-security Contains spring-security.
Spring-boot-starter-test Contains the dependencies required for commonly used tests, such as JUnit, Hamcrest, Mockito, and Spring-test.
Spring-boot-starter-velocity Using Velocity as the template engine is supported.
Spring-boot-starter-web Supports WEB application development, including Tomcat and SPRING-MVC.
Spring-boot-starter-websocket Support for developing WebSocket apps with Tomcat.
Spring-boot-starter-ws Supports Spring Web Services.
Spring-boot-starter-actuator Add features for your production environment, such as performance metrics and monitoring.
Spring-boot-starter-remote-shell Add remote SSH Support.
Spring-boot-starter-jetty Use Jetty instead of the default Tomcat as the application server.
spring-boot-starter-log4j Added support for log4j.
Spring-boot-starter-logging Use the Spring Boot default log frame Logback.
Spring-boot-starter-tomcat Use Spring Boot default Tomcat as the application server.

Spring Boot series (i) Spring boot introduction and base pom file

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