Spring MVC architecture and Processing request controller

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The MVC design pattern has been well used in various mature frameworks, and it divides the View,controller,model three layers into a clear, loosely coupled, highly reusable and highly adaptable architecture.

The Spring MVC Framework is the classic MVC framework and is the most clearly structured JSP MODEL2 implementation. It is based on Servlet,dispatcherservlet and is the core of the entire framework.

Spring MVC's Processor mapping (Handlermapper) can be configured to support annotation processors, requiring only configuration <mvc:annotation-driven/> labeling.

The processing method of the Spring MVC controller Returns a Modelandview object that includes data model and view information.

Spring MVC uses the view parser to perform the view parsing work and resolves the logical view name returned by the controller's processing to a real view object.

Spring MVC architecture and Processing request controller

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