SQL Server replication-publish subscriptions (SQL Server data Synchronization)

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Original: SQL Server replication-publish subscription (SQL Server data Synchronization)

SQL Server synchronization is achieved through SQL Server's own replication tool, with 2 major strides in sub-publishing and subscription.

A, copy-publish

Before publishing, you need to set several preconditions, publish properties, and snapshot locations. The main issue is to set up the publication database, such as not set, all publications, the subscription can be normal, but also through the snapshot synchronization, but can not be in real-time synchronization in subsequent modifications.

Second, set the snapshot location. The snapshot location setting is the Publisher setting in Distributor properties. If the location cannot be accessed by the Subscriber, the subscription is best to use the publisher push subscription instead of the Subscriber pull subscription method.

B, copy-Subscribe

Snapshot publication:
The publisher periodically passes the data to the subscriber, and if the subscriber modifies the data, the subscriber's data modifications are lost after the scheduled delivery, all at the publisher (one-way synchronization, and B's data is all consistent with a, and the equivalent of a modification is not effective)

Transactional publications:
The publisher periodically checks to see if the data has been modified, and if so, transmits the data (record row level) to the subscriber-(that is, if the subscriber modifies a row of data and the Publisher does not change the row, the record for the subscriber row is out of sync with the publisher until the publisher modifies the row of data. That is, one-way synchronization, and the synchronized content is no longer managed, after synchronization, B's data is not necessarily consistent with a)

Transactional publications with updatable subscriptions:
The Publisher and subscriber can be modified independently and will be merged periodically (in other words, the synchronization here is two-way synchronization, A's modification can be synchronized to the b,b after the modification can also be synchronized to a)

As for other releases, subscription steps and so on, online too much, do not repeat, consult can.

SQL Server replication-publish subscriptions (SQL Server data Synchronization)

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