SSD SSD Detection Tool as SSD parameters

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Includes 4 aspects of test (sequential read/write, 4K Random read/write, 64 thread 4K read/write, seek time)

As SSD's main test, but also the most common on the Internet to get test results, is its main interface on the continuous, random, access time, such as 8 related tests, as well as compression and file replication test. Let's start with a brief explanation of how each test is under the as SSD.

The first is the continuous test (SEQ), as SSD will first in the size of 16MB, continuous writing to the test partition to generate 1 1GB size of the file, and then read this in the same unit size, and finally calculate the average score and give the results. Once the test is complete, the test file is deleted immediately.

Again, a random single-Queue depth test (4K), the test software will generate a 1GB size test file in 512KB unit size, and then in its address range (LBA) in the random 4KB unit size for writing and reading test, until this range is traveled, The result is also calculated as the average score. Due to the build step, this test will produce a total of 2GB of data written to the hard disk. After this test is complete, the test file is temporarily retained.

To the random 64 queue Depth Test (4K-64THRD), the software will generate 64 16MB size test files (total 1GB), and then at the same time in 4KB unit size, while the 64 files in the write and read test, and finally still with the results of the average result. This step also produces 2GB of data write volume. Once this test is complete, the test file will be deleted immediately.

Next is the data access Time Test (acc.time), the software will be in 4KB per unit size, random read total address range (LBA), write in 512B dimensions, randomly write to the reserved 1GB address range, and finally give the results by average results.

After obtaining the above results, as SSD will also calculate the score according to its formula, but as SSD score, and not very strong representativeness, I suggest you do not need to care. As long as you know the above 8 results is enough. The above main interface of a few tests, a complete test will produce a total of 5GB write volume, so there is no need to advise you not to run casually.

Logical block Address (Logical block addressing)=LBA

Advanced Host Controller Interface (Interface)=AHCI


SEQ is a long-time read/write speed, 4k is instantaneous speed, ACC time is response times, general total score of more than 800 even if very good, more than 1000 is the need for disk

SEQ is a continuous read/write large file speed, 4k is the speed of small files

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------


FastCopy Actual performance test

FastCopy is an excellent file copy tool that replicates faster than the Windows-enabled copy, so the software is also hailed as the fastest file-copying tool. We use it for file copy testing, after all, the copy operation is one of the most commonly used write operations, the test results can be more realistic reflection of the disk in the replication operation of the performance gap.

Based on the principle of "seeking truth from Facts", a series of tests demonstrate that "CPU performance and memory size are not factors affecting SSD performance". The current CPU and memory performance is sufficient to handle the transmission needs of both mechanical and SSD drives. Take the memory, the dual channel DDR2 667 bandwidth is 667*2*64/8=10672MB/S=10.672GB/S, the single channel DDR3 800 bandwidth is 800*64/8=6400MB/S=6.4GB/S, moreover now is DDR3 1600, it is impossible to become the bottleneck of SSD transmission, netizens do not need to worry about the performance of the SSD because the platform performance is not power.

SSD SSD Detection Tool as SSD parameters

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