SSO (Single Sign On) series (i)--sso introduction

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No matter what kind of web site, to a certain size after the existence of such a problem: for example, we have n Systems, the traditional way we need to have n to different user names and passwords , the development of these systems can bring us good benefits, users in the use of the time is not convenient, each time you need to enter a different user name and password for authentication. Especially in the application system, the number of users also a lot of enterprises this problem is particularly prominent. The problem arises not because of problems with our system development, but rather the lack of a single user management platform.

SSO solves the above problem well, by accessing the application, you can access other systems or applications after logging in. In multi-application systems, users can access all trusted applications with only one login. It includes a login mechanism that can map this login to other apps for the same user.

SSO is one of the more popular solutions for enterprise business integration at present.


TGT : Ticket granting Ticket, User Identity Certificate ticket

ST : Service Ticket, Service License Voucher ticket

TGC : Ticket granting cookies, Store the user authentication voucher ticket Cookies

SSOsystem, there are three types of roles:

1 , multiple User

2 , multiple Web Application

3 , a SSO Certification Center

All logins are performed at the SSO Certification Center.

SSO Certification Center through a number of methods to tell Web apply whether the current access user is not authenticated by the user.

SSO Certification Center and all the Web application to establish a trust relationship.


1 , user-friendly

users only need to log in once and visit multiple times. User experience is good, a pair of account passwords can access multiple Web applications, and do not feel the single sign-on process

2 , convenient for administrators

administrators only need to manage a set of data, easy to manage, avoid management vulnerabilities

3 , simplifying application development

When developing new applications, the single sign-on user authentication can simplify the development process. Single Sign-on enables single sign-on by providing a unified authentication platform. Therefore, the application system does not need to develop the user authentication program.


SSO Advantage: Provides a plug-and-play SSO solution, the transformation of the application system is very small, even let the user feel that the use of single sign-on components, only need to make a simple configuration to have SSO the function. SSO is therefore highly flexible, scalable, and less intrusive to application systems.

The next five kinds of access procedures for continuing SSO.

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SSO (Single Sign On) series (i)--sso introduction

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