Step by step teach you how to use Github on Visual Studio 2013

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I admit that the more I can make things simple, the more I will use it. Although I already know enough commands to use GitHub, I would prefer it to be integrated into the IDE. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to implement using Visual Studio 2013.

Start by creating an arbitrary type of project. In my example, I created a new Windows Phone 8 app. Repeat, it doesn't matter. Select File > Add to Source Control as shown below.

You'll see an option to choose between TFS and Git. Select "Git" and tick "use it later".

Go to and create a new warehouse, named after any name you like. I named "GitHubVS2013", the rest by default, and finally click "Create Warehouse"

Go to the newly created repository and copy the cloned URL. The next step will be used.

You will find the team manager next to Solution Manager. Click "Non-synchronous commit", add the cloned URL from the previous step and click "Publish".

Once you click the Publish button, you will need to verify your GitHub username and password if you have not used it before.

Hello See the following tips:

Ignore and click "Sync" button, you will see the following information:

Now that your account is connected to the warehouse, you need to upload any unsynchronized submissions. Select "Home" from Team Explorer and select "Change".

Now you will see a list of items and all the files included in the submission. Add a description click "Submit".

You can see that the commit has been created locally, you need to synchronize the changes to the server, and click "Sync" to complete the work.

This will show the uncommitted commits. Click "Sync" to access your's warehouse and your project is already there.


If you switch back to Solution Manager and create a change, you will find a red flag on the file as shown in. The blue keyboard indicates that the file has been checked in.

Go back to Team Explorer, click "Change", enter a description and click "Submit".

Again, you are asked whether to synchronize the local library with the server and you need to click "Sync" again.

Switch back to GitHub and look at your warehouse, the changes have been reflected.


Okay, sane you. Please bookmark this page and you can follow this wizard when you create a new project. Because if you're like me, after 6 months you'll forget (maybe a minute). ) Thank you for reading.

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Step by step teach you how to use Github on Visual Studio 2013

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