Streaming media, HLS

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Streaming media is a media format that is broadcast over the internet in a streaming way. Streaming media, also known as streaming media, refers to a business using a video delivery server to send programs as packets sent to the network. After the user extracts the data from the decompression device, the program will show up as before it is sent. Streaming media, also known as streaming media, is a side-by-side broadcast media, is a kind of multimedia. Ben is the "simultaneous" use of media providers to transmit media over the network, while users continuously receive and watch or listen to the media being transmitted. The "stream" of the "stream" media refers to the way the media is transmitted (the way it flows), not the media itself. Streaming is the key technology to realize streaming media.Transmission of audio/ video and other multimedia information on the network, mainly download and streaming two kinds of programs. Streaming not only causes the start-up delay to be 10 times times shorter, but also does not require too much cache capacity. Streaming avoids the disadvantage of users having to wait for the entire file to be downloaded from the Internet to view. Streaming media refers to the use of streaming technology in internet/intranet for continuous time-based media, such as audio, video or multimedia files. Streaming media does not download the entire file before playback, only the beginning of the content into memory, streaming media stream at any time to play, but at the beginning of some delay. The key technology of streaming media implementation is streaming. There are two ways to implement streaming: live streaming (real time streaming) and sequential streaming (progressive streaming) commonly used streaming media protocols include HTTP progressive download and RTSP/RTP-based real-time streaming media protocol.Live streaming is often referred to as HTTP streaming (a standard HTTP server can send files in this form, and no other special protocols are required.) This method guarantees the final quality of the movie playback because the portion of the file that is viewed before playback is lossless. This means that the user must undergo a delay before viewing, especially for slower connections. Sequential streaming files are placed on standard HTTP or FTP servers) and live streaming requires dedicated streaming media servers and transport protocols. Real-time streaming must match the connection bandwidth, which means that the image quality is poor when connected at the modem speed. Also, video quality is poor due to lost information being ignored, network congestion, or problems. Real-time streaming requires a specific server. Real-time streaming also requires special network protocols, such as RTSP. These protocols sometimes have problems with firewalls, causing users to not see real-time content in some locations.HTML5 video tag of course belongs to the HTTP progressive streaming download, do not need a streaming media server, normal HTTP server can. HLSHLS (HTTP live streaming), Apple's dynamic bitrate adaptive technology . Audio and video services primarily for PC and Apple terminals. Includes an index file for M3U (8), a TS media shard file, and a key encryption string file.

Streaming media, HLS

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