Support for JavaScript date. parse function parameters-"Short Date Format" in various browsers

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Browser/short date format
chrome 26

safari 5

Firefox 20

IE 9

I am more interested in learning web this semester. JS date is used for creating a webpage. the parse function is used to determine the validity of a short date (including only the year, month, and day). vs 2012 is used to test the short date in several mainstream browsers. The preceding table is obtained and can be used as a reference. Therefore, we recommend that you use the '/' format. Considering the Chinese habits, you can only use the "year, month, or day" format.

As a web developer, it is recommended to use chrome for running and debugging. During this period of time, I think chrome supports more HTML5 features, followed by safari. You can use firebug for debugging, but Firefox sometimes does not support some elements and attributes. What's worse is that "when performing control verification, when verification fails, the focus is removed from the verified control, and the focus of the other three browsers is not moved ".

In fact, the most depressing thing about me is the page cache. Sometimes the "Running cache pages instead of the latest pages" problem occurs during debugging, so I often don't know what the situation is, at last, I realized that it was a page cache problem. Now, it is basically necessary to clear the cache every time debugging and running, which makes me very depressed ..

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