Svchost process CPU high-occupancy resolution

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Vchost is the most mysterious process in Windows, and many new users are puzzled by it. It is a service host for Windows, and many of the system's own services run through it. Simple analogy, it is equivalent to the system service vest. But Svchost sometimes the CPU is very high, how to see through its vest to find the real killer? We use Task Manager to find out the culprit.

STEP01 into Task Manager: Right-click in the blank space of the taskbar, select Task Manager to open Task Manager → Go to the Processes tab. You can also press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key combination to open Task Manager. Windows7 will automatically hide the system process, we also need to click "Show all user's process".

STEP02 Open the appropriate location: The safe svchost position should be under the system disk/windows/system32. We right-click on the Svchost process and choose "Open File location" To see if the process is secure from the file location.

STEP03 switch to the corresponding service: sometimes some unwanted services are turned on, which causes the CPU to occupy too much. We can also right-click on the Svchost process and select "Go to service" to switch to the service corresponding to this process.

STEP4 shut down unwanted services: when we find that the Svchost process corresponding service is not familiar to us and how to deal with it? In addition to the service on the right click to select "Stop Service", you can also click the "Service" button below to enter the system service interface for detailed view. Here you can look at the specific meaning of each service, as well as the ability to turn off and on.

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