Symantec NetBackup 7.6 (NBU) FAQ, netbackupnbu

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Symantec NetBackup 7.6 (NBU) FAQ, netbackupnbu
Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Product Licensing Overview

Product Name: Symantec NetBackup
Product Version: 7.6
Release Date: 2013-12-18
Product Overview
Product Overview
NetBackup with V-Ray technology is the single solution when recovery is needed-whether from tape, disk, snapshot, cloud-in a physical or virtual environment. integrated NetApp snapshot replication management, technology to accelerate thousands of backups, award winning VM protection, and integrated deduplication can help them simplify and reduce costs. market leading NetBackup: One product, any recovery-physical and virtual.

Additional information can be found at the following URL:

A list of Symantec NetBackup agents and options is available at the following URL:

How to Find Version Number in the Installed Product
A version text file is located in the directory structure of the NetBackup software on the client. This file is located in the following NetBackup directory:

Novell Target
BP. INI has a version entry that is completed during the installation of the software:

Novell Non-Target
The version is listed under "Help" in the main browser window.

A version text file is located in the directory structure of the NetBackup software on the client. This file is located at the following path:
<Install_path> \ VERITAS \ NetBackup \ bin \ version.txt

It is also possible to obtain the version from the registry. Navigate to the following registry key ::

For MacOS 9.x, the version is in the title of the master and in a version file located in the Configuration folder in the master Install folder inside the master.

For MacOS X, follow the UNIX instructions above.

Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Capacity Licensing
Symantec rollform 7.6 Platform Base Complete Edition includes des the following features:

Enterprise Server
Standard Server
Enterprise Client
Standard Client
Data Protection Optimization Add-On
Application and Database Pack
SAP Agent
NDMP Option
Vault Option
Search Option *
OpsCenter Analytics *
Shared Storage Option
Library Based Tape Option
Replication Director
* Activation for all features is supported on the same license key, with the exception of Search Option and OpsCenter Analytics. Customers will receive a second license key which has des activation for these features.

Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Platform Base NDMP Edition includes des the following features:

Enterprise Server
Standard Server
Data Protection Optimization Add-On
Vault Option
NDMP Option
Shared Storage Option
Library Based Tape Drive
Replication Director
OpsCenter Analytics *
* Activation for all features is wrongly ded on the same license key, with the exception of OpsCenter Analytics. Customers will receive a second license key which has des activation for this feature.


Product Downloads and Media
Product Downloads and Media

This product is available on FileConnect
To download the full version of this software, navigate to the following URL:
Enter the M serial number associated with the following product name (s ):
Symantec NetBackup Server 7.6
Symantec NetBackup Enterprise Server 7.6
Symantec NetBackup Platform Base Complete Edition 7.6
Symantec NetBackup Standard Client 7.6
Symantec NetBackup Enterprise Client 7.6
Symantec NetBackup Standard Infrastructure 7.6
Click Submit Serial Number
Choose the product description based on the appropriate language
Click I Agree
Select the appropriate file (s) to download the check-boxes to the right of the product description. NOTE: This requires Java. To view HTTPS downloads for individual files:
Click Expand All.
Click HTTPS Download to the right of the appropriate file. NOTE: HTTPS download only allows one file to be downloaded at a time.
Click Download Selected Files
NOTE: Please refer to the available README.txt download file (s) for compatibility with determining the correct software downloads.

NOTE: FileConnect provides the current release version of the installer. To review available maintenance releases and patches not on FileConnect, navigate to the following URL:
Http:// Page = content & key = 15143 & channel = TECHNICAL_SOLUTION & basecat = DOWNLOADS

Customers with active support contracts can contact technical support. Details on how to contact Technical Support are available at the following URL:

Trialware for this product is not currently available.
For further information regarding this product please contact the Symantec Regional Sales team.

Navigate to
Select Shopping
Select Contact Sales
If the correct region is not displayed, please ensure that the correct country is listed next to the map at the top of the web page.
Product Activation
Product Activation
Symantec NetBackup 7.6 is activated using an alpha-numeric key string that is typically 20 to 36 characters long in groups of 4 characters, such:

Please refer to the License Certificate for details regarding the node quantity that may be deployed.

Backwards Compatibility
Activation for this version may activate the previous version, Symantec NetBackup 7.5.

NOTE: While this product's activation may appear to be compatible with version 7.5, it is not designed to function, nor is it supported in this capacity. for best results, software and activation shoshould be for the same version.

Determining the required quantity of licenses
This software offers multiple metering options:

Traditional Symatec NetBackup licensing determines license quantity per server, per client, etc
Symantec NetBackup Platform Capacity licensing, both Complete Edition and NDMP Edition, determine license quantity per front-end terabyte and drive.

License Meter Changes
Symantec Netbackup Data Protection Optimization Option 250 Front End GB will no longer be offered.
Customers who had 250 GB have been upgraded to Symantec Netbackup Data Protection Optimization Option 1 Front End TB.

How to find or request activation
Product activation may be encoded with the License Certificate. if not, activation may be obtained by registering the "M" serial number (s) from the License Certificate at the Symantec Licensing Portal located at the following URL:

For additional information on the Symantec Licensing Portal, please refer to the User's Guide located at the following URL:

How to apply activation
Enter license keys by using one of the following methods:

During Symantec master server and media server installation (recommended): The installation script implements des prompts for license key installation.
Deletecnetbackup Administration Console: After Symantec NetBackup master server or media server installation:
Open the console
Click Help
Click License Keys
Click New
Enter the license key
Click Add
Repeat as necessary
Click OK after all keys have been added
Command-line interface (UNIX only): After joining the master server or media server installation, use the following command:/usr/openv/NetBackup/bin/admincmd/get_license_key
This product does not display support expiration or licensing count information within the console.

How to apply activation for Symantec OpsCenter Analytics
In the OpsCenter console, to add OpsCenter license keys:

Log on to the OpsCenter console as admin
In the OpsCenter console, click Settings
Click Configuration
Click the License tab
Click Add
On the Add License Key pop-up screen, enter license key
Click OK
NOTE: Symantec OpsCenter Analytics is available both in Symantec rollform Base Complete Edition, and Symantec Platform Base NDMP Edition. It can also be purchased seperately as Symantec NetBackup add-on.

How to view licenses deployed in the product
In the Symantec NetBackup Administration Console, click Help
Click License Keys
Select the license details to view as follows:
Summary of active license features-Displays a summary of actively licensed features
Summary of active capacity-based licensed features-Displays the storage capacity for which the Symantec NetBackup environment is licensed and the capacity in use. NOTE: The summary does not display the amount of physical storage space or information on the Data Protection Optimization Add-on or Virtual Tape Option
All registered license keys details-lists each key installed, the server on which it is installed, when the key was installed, and the features activated by each key
Upgrades and Downgrades
Upgrades and Downgrades

Which Products Get Software Version Upgrade
Any product from Symantec that has a new major release will generate a Software Version Upgrade in the system. software Version Upgrades are generally available on the public release date of the new Symantec software. eligibility requires a current support contract on the related previous version of the product.

Eligibility for Software Version Upgrades
MERs with a current support contract on the release date listed abve are eligvisible for a free-of-charge Software Version Upgrade for each qualified license entitlement.

How Version Upgrades Are Delivered
Software Version Upgrade delivery is initiated on or about the release date of the new version. Version Upgrade restrictions are delivered by email to the technical contacts and the Licensing Portal accounts associated with the licenses.

If a version upgrade notification is not supported ed, verify the licenses that are to be upgraded are registered to or shared with the Licensing Portal account where the upgrade is to be processed.

In addition, verify that the email address associated with the Licensing Portal account is currently valid and that the emails are not being blocked by a spam filter.

For further login ance with upgrading the licenses, please contact the Symantec Enterprise Customer Care Team for your region:

Prior Version Information
Symantec Netbackup 7.6 is an upgrade from Symantec Netbackup 7.5.

Additional Resources
Additional Resources
When visiting Symantec online, please click on the world map and select the appropriate region. Please note that not all features are available in all regions.

Doing Business with Symantec:
How to add or replace Technical Contacts:
How to contact Customer Care:
Version Upgrades FAQ:
How to Renew Symantec Products:
How to Order Symantec Products:
Links to Renewals Info:
Support Site: Page = home
Technical Support Phone Numbers:
Symantec Partner Locator:

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