Sync calendars and contacts/business cards with Google sync on S60

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Unknowingly, Google Sync also supports the sync of S60 's contacts and calendars. It only takes a very simple setting and you can handle a lot of things. That's great.

So, the contents of the configuration please look below:


Mobile phone installation good mail for Exchange the latest version, as of today, my S60v3 version is 2.9.158

You can go to my network to find:

Note that this version of MFE has a bug where setting synchronization to always open can cause an inability to sync, and the workaround is to set the sync time to 15 minutes.

to create a synchronization configuration in MFE:

The connection section is configured as follows: Exchange Server: Secure connection: is an access point: Choose the one you normally use. Roaming synchronization: Random set Use default port: Yes

The certificate section is configured as follows: Username: Your Gmail account, including password: Your Gmail password field: Leave blank

Sync Schedule section settings see you need it.

The Calendar section settings are also casual, note that the initial sync option will affect your phone's calendar is deleted. That is, the first time whether Google Calendar coverage of the mobile calendar.

Task part, must choose No, now Google does not support

Contacts have the same configuration as the calendar.

E-mail must also be selected, and now still do not support.

You can sync after saving.

Note: My calendar here does not seem to be very good sync, another day to study.

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