Talent Search, search for what?

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At night should Xu Fei's about, and Globehr Mister Tian Shi and technical director Chen Yongbin chat very happy.

Globehr.com is just the launch of the talent search site, the simple understanding is that Google and 51job Fusion, it seems that the search technology to penetrate the market trend is irreversible. Globehr has the Ministry of Personnel in China Talent Research Institute such background, good operation should be very promising.

Globehr is currently included in the information is very rich, today has updated 365,215 jobs, I specify the conditions "Beijing/Nearly a week" search for "Java" Search to 441 records.

My advice to them is that Google and 51job are already very mature, and that Globehr success requires a core competency in a dominant direction. Talent Search and talent services are very large markets. Globehr in these 2 markets need to be abandoned, go hand in hand will encounter a lot of competitors, abandon one side can get more success opportunities. For example, the emphasis on search can be with the various industries/regions talent site cooperation, the establishment of alliances, to achieve a win. The emphasis on talent services requires a lot of use of government resources for integration, search can only be a subsidiary feature. The success of Google has proven the truth.

Talent Search, search for what. I think it is of course to help me find a good job, what a good job. , I think is a good company, a high salary, can do the job. Enter the company is to meet a good superior, give full play to their talents it. So, the first talent search site is to help me find such a good job.

In this regard, Globehr's search experience has yet to be strengthened, the search out of posts often too much, how to find the right, there are really a lot of things to explore. For example, it would be a very interesting application to evaluate the credibility of the company and apply it to the search results if the information collected on the Internet and the assessment of the netizen are evaluated. In addition, the record of users in the Globehr click and send resumes behavior, but also integrated into the search results can improve the user search experience.

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