Talk about the difference between app testing and web testing

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Let's start with the same point:

1, all need theoretical knowledge, the same use case design method: Boundary value, equivalence class, error derivation method, Scene method

2, the same test method to verify whether the function meets the requirements

3, all need to check UI interface design is reasonable

4, performance detection and throughput rate detection and application stability test, there is no card deadlock and other validation bugs

5, both background are consistent call access to the same background resultapi

A short chat about mobile app testing

1, the business is relatively simple point, mobile app is a simplified Web program, small screen focus on user experience

2, mobile support a variety of network system 2G 3G 4G WiFi network signal difference between the switch interface display, and also need to test the signal difference when the app running condition

3, mobile needs to test the interruption test phone SMS notification power outage and other interruptions when the software operation

Of course also includes other interrupts: Bluetooth, alarm clock, Plug and unplug data cable, mobile phone lock, phone power off, phone problems (system crashes, restart)

4, mobile phone screen restrictions on the impact of software

Picture and text display, upload different picture size display is normal, the picture and text display together, how the effect.

Pages and buttons will be limited by the size of the screen, plus the user is to operate through the fingers, some buttons, select boxes, such as whether it is easy to click, more than the point area near the location of the click slightly offset, may result in different results, in this case can achieve a pre-effect.

5. Finally, the mobile end of the loading test upgrade test

There are many kinds of installation methods:

Install with Application market

Install it with the APK file.

Full Uninstall (user profile)

Partial uninstallation

Upgrade test point: In the upgrade after the user's profile is still present, you can directly trade access to the original file

Upgrade directly to the latest version from previous/previous two versions.

New Install latest Version

New version overwrites old version installation

Uninstall old version, install new version

Uninstall new version, install new version

Incremental update

Force update

6, mobile features have gestures, finger slide to unlock the slide when you switch the picture here: Manual touch of the area of the event and the responsiveness of the software when Multitouch

7, the application of automated testing tools using Monkey, Monkeyrunner, Appnium, should do more background automation testing rather than do UI Automation testing

8, for the iterative fast Internet app test, use Mind map Feature List. Better suited to this product than to the design use case to execute

9, many mobile apps use HTTP to interact with the background, but some use SSL for authentication to access the network, where HTTPS needs to test coverage

Talk about the difference between app testing and Web testing

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