TD-LTE is suitable for D + F hybrid networking F band new is better than upgrade

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Chang gang, Ericsson China's chief market officer, said that during the construction of TD-LTE, D + F hybrid networking will be the final network form. He further stressed that for the construction of F band, F band new than the TD-SCDMA upgrade in performance, optimization and maintenance, there is no significant difference in the construction progress and investment benefits.

D-band is superior to F-band upgrade

According to the news, China Mobile in 2013 TD-LTE expansion scale test will be officially launched recently, the construction scale of about 0.2 million base stations, is expected to start in May TD-LTE Main Equipment tender, the overall scale reached 20 billion. In addition to the scale of the bidding, which frequency band will be used for the most important networking. According to messages from a number of equipment vendors, China Mobile has basically decided to focus on the F-band (1880 MHz-1920 MHz), but no further information has yet to be sent when new devices are used or upgraded.

For the selection of frequency bands, Chang gang pointed out that from the perspective of global deployment, the D frequency band should be the main force. Because the D-band is easier to achieve international roaming, the spectrum is also very rich, can achieve LTE-A carrier aggregation; in addition, from the theoretical and current network test data, the downlink performance of the D-band is basically the same as that of the F-band. The uplink performance of the D-band is better than that of the F-band, and there may be a double gap. Therefore, the D-band should be the focus of deployment in urban areas.

For the industry worried about the d band coverage, need to increase a lot of site problems, Changgang introduced, in fact, in the TD-LTE expansion scale test, the real D band to increase the new station is very little, our test results show that the performance of the D-band is also quite good at the 5-to six hundred-meter station spacing.

If F band is used as the main deployment, there will be two different deployment methods: TD-SCDMA upgrade and F band new. Chang gang pointed out, "If the TD-SCDMA upgrade to deploy the TD-LTE, need to bind the time slot ratio with the TD-SCDMA, So compared with the F band new, the performance of the upgrade will be reduced by nearly 25%; in terms of optimization and maintenance, TD-SCDMA upgrade may not be able to take into account the requirements of the two network optimization; and from the perspective of the whole project quantity, the upgrade and the new total project quantity is very close."

"Therefore, in the long term, F band new than TD-SCDMA upgrade in performance, optimization and maintenance advantages ." Changgang said that because F-band upgrades will face interference and other problems, the network quality of F-band upgrades must be slightly inferior to that of the new F-band.

In the future, the full-Band Solution of the hybrid network of D + F will be excellent.

To sum up, Changgang believes that in the construction of TD-LTE, the D + F band hybrid networking will be the final network form. D-band interference is relatively small and suitable for leading in the urban area. F-band interference is not a problem, but it is best to create a new F-band.

"Whether it's the D-band or the F-band, Ericsson's solutions have excellent performance in both tests and the current network. We also hope that the operator can prove it to us ." Chang gang said that the Ericsson D-band solution has an average downlink speed of over 30 Mbps, and an average uplink speed of over 17 Mbps. The new solution in the F-band has an average downlink speed of over 30 Mbps, and an average uplink speed of over 8 Mbps.

Ericsson is the only vendor where all products are deployed on the current network. In addition, Ericsson's leading industry is also reflected in anti-obstructive attacks. According to Chang gang, Ericsson's base station has a strong anti-blocking capability, which is much stricter than 3GPP and industry standards, and nearly 30dB higher than China Mobile's enterprise standards.

In this Ericsson LTE global road show, Ericsson also demonstrated in the TD-LTE test network to achieve uplink multi-cell collaboration function, switching between TD-LTE and lte fdd, and the latest outdoor base station products, small base station products, antenna-fed Integrated RF unit (AIR ).

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