Telecom Support Network (Telecom munication supporting networks)

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Telecom Support Network (Telecom munication supporting networks)

A complete telephone network in addition to the transmission of telephone information based business network, but also need to have a number of services to ensure the normal operation of the network, enhance network functions, improve the quality of network services support network. The supporting network transmits the corresponding monitoring and control signals. Support network includes synchronous network, public channel signaling network, transmission monitoring network and network Management network. In the digital network, the synchronous network is used to synchronize the clock signal rate between the digital switch, digital switch and digital transmission device, and the main vibrator is calibrated and controlled by automatic or manual method in the analog network, so that the frequency is consistent. The public channel signaling network is dedicated to realize the transmission of signaling information between all levels of the network. The transmission monitoring network is used to monitor and control the running state of the transmission system in the transmission network. The network management network is mainly used to observe and control the service quality of the telephone network and to implement the command and dispatch of the network to give full play to the operation benefit of the network.

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