Testing Web Service with SOAPUI

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How to test the written webservice? You can certainly write code to test it, but it's too cumbersome, and you'll have to take the time to learn about the APIs associated with webservice calls in each language. This is a recommended tool for WebService development-SoapUI, you can quickly test whether your webservice is developing correctly without needing to know the underlying details.

SOAPUI is an open source test tool that examines, invokes, and implements Web service functionality through Soap/http, and also performs performance testing on WebService.


(Soapui also has a paid pro version, for general developers, if only debugging, open source free version is sufficient)


First create a new Soapui Project, enter the address of the WSDL in the initial Wsdl/wadl

When project is established, SOAPUI generates the left-hand list tree based on the WSDL format, including cux_0_ws_server_prg_binding as the WSDL Binding,invokefmsws as operation in the Binding. Double-click Request1 to see the contents of the SOAP request message.

Fill in the request message with the necessary information, and in the lower left corner of the request properies user name, password and Wss-pasword type, and then click the Green button, you can generate a SOAP response message on the right.

Just a brief introduction to SOAPUI, mainly used to view the interface provided by the Web service, as well as the results returned, SOAPUI is much more than that, and it can perform functional and performance tests on the Web service.

Parameter description of SOAPUI: http://www.soapui.org/Working-with-soapUI/preferences.html

Learn more about what you can read: Http://www.51testing.com/ddimg/uploadsoft/20100204/SoapUI.pdf

Also share several public webservice sites, you can randomly recruit a few services to test




Performance stress test of WebService with SOAPUI


Testing Web Service with SOAPUI

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