Tie line: What are the significant effects that CRM systems can bring to your business?

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Enterprises NeedCRM system? We explain why your business needs a CRM system, but also teach you how to choose a CRM system, today's link line CRM system small series to share with you is how the CRM system can bring significant results to the enterprise .

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Successful application of CRM system will bring measurable and significant benefit to the enterprise. ISM (Information Systems Marketing) , an independent U.S. IT Market Research organization , continues to track research applications for years the impact of CRM on enterprises, through the large number of implementation of CRM Enterprise Tracking, to obtain a detailed, quantifiable benefits list, thus proving in the CRM the capital, time and manpower input of the system are accurate .

1. during the first three years of the implementation of the system, the annual total sales of each sales rep increased by at least 10%. This benefit is achieved because salespeople are more productive ( ex: Have more time to visit customers and implement Strategies )and work more productively ( For example, because salespeople pay more attention to valuable customers, better understand customer needs and thus improve the quality of their sales visits .

2. during the first three years of implementation of the system, the general marketing and management costs are reduced by at least 5%. Because the company and market personnel can more targeted to the target customers to distribute the information they need, choose the channels of communication, rather than as before, to large distribution of expensive print and materials to all existing and potential customers, due to the traditional approach is not strong, inevitable alpine vegetable per, high cost.

3. during the first three years of implementing the system, the sales success rate is expected to increase at least 5%. Because salespeople can be more careful when identifying and choosing opportunities, giving up on bad opportunities early, and concentrating on the chances of high success rates.

4. in the process of applying the system, the value of each business increases at least 1% marginal profit. Because salespeople can work more closely with the carefully chosen customer base, these customers focus on the value of sales as a discount, so salespeople tend to have fewer discounts.

5. Customer satisfaction rate increased at least 5%. Because customers who get the information they need more quickly, customers who get better service and those who are willing to build relationship marketing and sales staff are more satisfied with it.

CRM system can bring so much significant effect to the enterprise, what reason does your enterprise have no CRM system?

Tie line: What are the significant effects that CRM systems can bring to your business?

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