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Problem Statement
You are given a string input. you are to find the longest substring of input such that the reversal of the substring is also a substring of input. in case of a tie, return the string that occurs earliest in input.
Method signature:
String findreversed (string input)
(Be sure your method is public)

The substring and its reversal may overlap partially or completely.
The entire original string is itself a valid substring (see example 4 ).
Input will contain between 1 and 50 characters, random Sive.
Each character of input will be an uppercase letter ('A'-'Z ').

Returns: "bcdef"
We see that the reverse of bcdef is fedcb, which appears later in the string.

Returns: "X"
The best we can do is find a one character substring, So we implement the tie-breaker rule of taking the earliest one first.

Returns: "ABA"
The string ABA is a palindrome (it's its own reversal), so it meets the criteria.

Returns: "FDF"


Returns: "abcdcba"
Here, the entire string is its own reversal.
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