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Recently, "Swordsman World" new information film "Wulin Family" grand online. The game is more than the number of thieves. The future is a repetition of the past, and observing history helps to understand what is going to happen. In the fun of the game at the same time, do not forget to maintain a vigilant heart.

At present, the speed of the mutation Trojan horse, mainly in order to deal with anti-virus software, to avoid being killed, because the current mainstream anti-virus software update virus feature library needs at least 2-3 days, so the theft Trojan variant seize this time period, there are many variants, especially by stealing "swordsman World" player account number, To buy and sell virtual equipment for profit, every minute is money.

The trend of swordsman world stolen Trojan horse Variety

As shown in the picture, July "Swordsman World" stolen Trojan Horse variant speed reached a peak, hackers through the crazy variant, reduce the possibility of killing the anti-virus software, obviously want to use the summer season to make a fortune. With the passage of time, the students serious class, stolen Trojan horse new varieties less. This shows that hackers are very utilitarian people, will certainly not pass the "swordsman World" information film "Wulin family" the opportunity to release, will be stolen Trojans pushed to another peak.

Antivirus software to protect the player account security, the key is not to kill how many Trojans, the accumulation of the number of virus characteristics, the key is a theft Trojan appeared, how long to be eliminated.

The author to find a Trojan sample, and the current market popular three Trojan Horse kill tools (Shell Trojan Kill, Trojan Scavenger, Trojan Nemesis) to clean up, the results are as follows:

Swordsman World Theft Trojan clear big competition

The Shell Trojan Kill specially Trojan Sweeper Mumak Star
Number of checks (total 372) 372 363 225
Check out rate 100% 97.58% 60.48%
Sample processing speed 5 minutes. 1-2 days 1-2 days
Whether to pay Completely free 39 Yuan/year 60 RMB/Set

"Swordsman World" Trojan Horse variant test results

"Shell Trojan Kill" whether it is collecting "swordsman world" theft Trojan, or killing technology, have more advantages. In 372 variants of the killing results, "Shell Trojan Kill" is still more than other types of Trojan killed products much better.

"Shell Trojan Kill" 10 seconds fast scan, automatic report suspicious files, within five minutes can quickly determine the harm, is playing online games, anti-theft number must be security tools.

Online games healthy habits safe to protect

1, do not be won by the temptation to click on the unknown link, wary of various scams, do not visit those assorted website, do not use plug-ins, do not use the auxiliary tools of dubious origins.

2, Jinshan token and other defensive means is still essential, can greatly reduce the chance of your stolen number. But not the same computer.

3. To protect the virtual property, but also fun games, you only need "Shell Trojan Kill". Two scans for 10 seconds, 5 minutes to identify the latest "swordsman World" theft Trojan variant, account security is guaranteed.

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