Uber driver incentive policy in Beijing (April 23)

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Drop Express 2.5 times times, registered address:http://www.udache.com/

How to register for Uber driver (national version of the latest most detailed registration process)/monthly income 20,000/No grab orders : http://www.cnblogs.com/mfryf/p/4612609.html

Uber rewards low/no money/What to do? Look here :http://www.cnblogs.com/mfryf/p/4642173.html

car app: Uber details (100 RMB promo code: DL8T6):http://www.cnblogs.com/mfryf/p/4752167.html

User group: People Uber and electric vehicles (for April 23)
Reward Policy:

"Uber Beijing rewards policy"

Prerequisites for obtaining any reward:

* People Uber and electric vehicles: When the average weekly score is higher than 4.8 points, when the Zhou single rate is higher than 65%, and when the week completes at least 10 strokes (including 10 strokes)

If you meet the above criteria, you will receive the following rewards:

= = A. Peak doubling Bonus & Single award = =

= = B. Gold Medal Service Bonus = =

The prerequisites for a gold medal owner's service reward need to be met: when the Zhou single rate is above 75%, the average of the weekly score is more than 4.8 points

A. The top 500 partner owners who have completed the maximum number of orders per week will receive a gold medal service bonus of $1000.

B. The top 501-1000 partners who have completed the maximum number of orders per week will receive a $800 Gold Medal Service Award if the award is met

Again, the prerequisites for obtaining any of the above awards are:

* People Uber: When the average weekly score is higher than 4.8 points, when the Zhou single rate is higher than 65%, and when the weekly completed at least 10 single (including 10 single)

= = C. recommended Bonus = =

If you are a people Uber and electric vehicle co-owner, you can recommend your friends to join the people's Uber, recommend friends to join the people Uber, once a friend completes the 20th trip, the referral can get 300 Yuan Referral award (the recommended reward is independent of the above-mentioned reward premise, and additional calculation)

* Uber tip:

Since Uber will use the newest and most advanced peak-time doubling method in Silicon Valley, the Uber deduction of your 20% base fare will not be refunded from December 7 onwards, but will not have any effect on your total revenue for the week. And, Uber's double reward will continue to upgrade, morning and evening peak times doubling multiples constantly create new highs, so you continue to earn a lot!

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

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Uber driver incentive policy in Beijing (April 23)

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