Uber driver subsidy is too low, drop-off chauffeur invites you to join

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Today's car market is increasingly hot (Chengdu Didi Express driver registration), private cars clean and tidy experience high, passengers sit comfortable, cheap, I believe this is a lot of choice taxi software call car passenger consensus.

The current drip express reward 2.5 times times alone, the new registered driver completed 2 single reward 50, completed 5 single reward 100, recommended registration. Quick review by Registered Address:/HTTPwww.udache.com

Now relatively hot, more popular with passengers is Uber Uber and Didi, Didi believe that many people are already in use, Uber or this period of time after the media report to know. Has been Uber owners know, Chengdu Uber company to the owners of four groups, each group of incentives are not the same every week, this period starts is getting lower, the displacement of the car may also have to lose points, more software, more choice. Drop the car before the time is the same, 1.3 times times the award 20% of the platform fee, some owners can only choose not to go online orders. But since July, policies have changed, incentives have improved, or they can run. today, the key point is the drop car, why say drip, because the reward is higher than Uber .

Through the above picture we can see that drip July began and put the ruthless recruit, the peak three hours, 2.5 times times the reward, 10 per day to complete the list of rewards 150, one weeks to complete 90 lists another reward 500 yuan, this is good for full-time drivers, so still can run drops.

Drip car driver Registration In fact, the same as the Uber registration process, the only difference is the account, drip is the mobile phone number registration, Uber is the mailbox registration, and then upload ID card, driver's license, cross-strong insurance/business insurance policy, such as activation, account activation, landing online orders, make money. Drop-off Express Express registration address: Http://dwz.cn/WevCn because now the Uber reward is too low, has not been on the line for nearly a week, suddenly see drop bonus is good, so recommend to everyone. Registration through time than Uber much faster, so do not worry about pass rate, need to register the owner click the link address registration it! Http://dwz.cn/WevCn

Uber driver subsidy is too low, drop-off chauffeur invites you to join

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