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UltraEdit Advanced usage tips, UltraEdit usage tips

UltraEdit is a very bright feature of many Ides, it is powerful, here say some of its very useful features.

Column mode

Many people like the UltraEdit initially because of its column pattern.

Enter column mode: Alt + C

How to comment on multiple rows

1 Entering column mode
2 Select multiple rows
3 Adding an annotation character

Computes the number of columns and

1 Entering column mode
2 Select columns for statistics
3 Columns--Column selection statistics

More column mode operation can refer to here

Scripts in the UltraEdit

Scripts only support Ascii/ansi files encoding, UTF-8 is an error

A few common commands

var str = ultraedit.getstring ("Please Enter a String:", 1);

UltraEdit.activeDocument.write ("")
Current active article input text

Ultraedit.getvalue ("Please enter an integer", 1);
The display interface is the same as ultraedit.getstring

Gets the number of documents currently open
Enumeration of the currently open document using ULTRAEDIT.DOCUMENT[X]

UltraEdit getting the contents of the Clipboard

Get the Clipboard sequence number and select the Clipboard
Ultraedit.selectclipboard (2);

Output to the Output box
UltraEdit.outputWindow.write ("This is a test.");

The simplest Hello World script


12 var str = UltraEdit.getString("Please Enter a String:",1);UltraEdit.activeDocument.write(str);

Save As Test.js




Note: All errors are played in the Output window during debugging, so if the program does not work, debug in the Output window, or you can use Ultraedit.outputwindow to debug

How do I jump through functions and classes?

Eclipse Ctrl + Mouse jump function is a lot of people like the reason, UltraEdit also has this function

Using Ctag

1 Creating a Project
2 Project--Create a Ctag file
3 position to function definition by F11

Some other little tricks.

How to save settings for the current Ultredit

Advanced-backup/restore user customization

For more information, see here

How to remove a blank line

Use replace directly (CTRL + R)
"^p$" is replaced by ""

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