Unreal Engine 4 Create destructible mesh (destructible mesh)

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The physical engine of Unreal Engine 4 uses physx. It supports grid damage, fabric, and physical particles. The previous work that requires encoding can be completed. In Unreal Engine 4, you only need to drag and drop to complete the work, which is very convenient.

This demonstration creates a destructible grid. First effect:

I made a cone, let it fall from the sky, and then break down.

The specific production steps are as follows:

  1. Create a new project and add a cone brush (cone) to the scenario ).
  2. Adjust the cone brush attribute and set sides to 20, which looks smoother. In the attribute bar, Click create static mesh at the bottom of the brush settings column, and name the mesh to obtain a cone mesh model. You can see it in content browser.
  3. Right-click the model in the content browser and choose create destructible mesh from the menu to create a destructible mesh.
  4. Adjust the attributes of the destructible Grid
  5. Add this destructible mesh to the scenario and adjust the attributes of this actor. Check simulate physics under physics and simulation generates hit event under collision. The two parameters set it to fall and generate a collision event, otherwise it will not break down.
  6. Pull the actor up and click simulate to see the effect.

Unreal Engine 4 Create destructible mesh (destructible mesh)

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