Unreal Engine 4 Master of Art-blueprint II Chinese version

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Hello, everyone.
Some time ago, I was involved in translating a book written by a foreigner to UE4 's blueprint.
In the efforts of everyone, finally translated finished.

Hope everyone to buy and reference. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact!

Directory of the Book

Chapter #1 Unreal Animated image title screen!
0 Let's get started!
0 Creating a UMG Blueprint
0 Create our title screen!
0 buttons, buttons, buttons!
0 Main Menu diy!
0 Connect the previous
0 take a look at our menu!
0 Extra Buttons!
0 These are your options!
Chapters #2 Save & Load Save Our options!
0 Change Body agogobaby!
0PlayerController = conduit!
0SaveGame = false!
0SaveGame = true!
0 Save Our settings when the button is pressed!
0 the last crunch!
The end of the book!

Of course, here is the visit Address: Website link, UE4 book#2

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* * Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
Thank you very much! **

Unreal Engine 4 Master of Art-blueprint II Chinese version

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