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Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the five major categories of user experience in a website.

Everyone's use of the site is not the same, functional requirements are not the same, to achieve the best user experience can only be to take care of the most important target audience needs, so to achieve the optimization of user experience, one of the prerequisites is to have their own target audiences at their fingertips. Therefore, to have a detailed background investigation, analysis of the target audience attributes, analysis of their needs and behavior characteristics, so as to target, to achieve the purpose of the site user experience optimization.

Now many Internet industry practitioners are apt to mention the "user experience", but after reading a lot of peer site, found that many of the site not only the user experience this most important part of the processing, and the concept of user experience is more vague, not knowing where to start, especially for e-commerce sites, The direct consequence is that the conversion rate of the website does not go up, sales cannot break through. Everyone's use of the site is not the same, functional requirements are not the same, to achieve the best user experience can only be to take care of the most important target audience needs, so to achieve the optimization of user experience, one of the prerequisites is to have their own target audiences at their fingertips. Therefore, to have a detailed background investigation, analysis of the target audience attributes, analysis of their needs and behavior characteristics, so as to target, to achieve the purpose of the site user experience optimization.

After understanding the user, still want to return to from which aspect or the angle to carry on the website User Experience Optimization This question comes up, today feeling and sends, summarizes the user experience 76 elements, the colleague and the related friend may refer to under:

Classification of site user experience

1, sensory Experience: Presented to the user's audio-visual experience, emphasizing comfort.

2, interactive experience: Presented to the user's operational experience, emphasizing ease of use/usability.

3, emotional experience: presented to the user psychological experience, emphasizing friendliness.

4, browsing Experience: presented to the user experience of browsing, emphasis on attraction.

5, trust experience: presented to the user's trust experience, emphasizing reliability.

76 Elements of a Web site user experience

First, sensory experience: presenting to the user experience of audio-visual, emphasizing the comfort of

1. Design style: In line with the target customer's aesthetic habits, and has a certain degree of guidance.

Before designing a website, it is necessary to define the target customer group and analyze the target customers ' aesthetic preferences, so as to determine the overall design style of the website.

2. Website Logo: To ensure the protection of the logo space, to ensure that the brand clear display and not occupy excessive space.

3. Page speed: Under normal circumstances, try to ensure that the page is opened in 5 seconds. If it is a large portal site, you must consider the issue of North-South interoperability, to carry out the necessary stress tests.

4. Page layout: Highlights, priorities and illustrations. With the company's marketing goals, the most interested in the target customers, the most sales force of information placed in the most important position.

5. Page color: Consistent with the overall image of the brand, the main color + auxiliary color does not exceed three colors. To the appropriate color brightness and brightness, to ensure that the browsing comfort of visitors.

6. Animation effect: With the main screen coordination, open fast, animation effect rhythm Moderate, do not interfere with the main screen browsing.

7. Page Navigation: The navigation bar is clear, prominent, and distinct in level.

8. Page size: Suitable for most browser browsing (to 15-inch and 17-inch display-oriented).

9. Picture display: The proportion is coordinated, does not distort, the picture is clear. The pictures are neither too dense nor too distant.

10. Icon use: Concise, clear, easy to understand, accurate, and the overall style of the page unified.

11. Advertising position: Avoid disturbing the view, advertising pictures in line with the overall style, to avoid distracting.

12. Background music: With the overall theme of the site unified, small files, can not interfere with reading. To set the switch button and the Volume Control button.

second, interactive experience: Presented to the user's operational experience, emphasizing ease of use/usability

13. Member Application: Introduce clear Member's power and responsibility, and prompt the user to confirm the read terms.

14. Member Registration: The process is clear and concise. After the success of the member registration, then detailed information.

15. Form fill: As far as possible using the Drop-down selection, need to fill in some of the need to indicate to fill in the content, and the required fields to make restrictions. (such as mobile phone number, zip code, etc., to avoid invalid information)

16. Form submission: After filling out the form, you need to enter the verification code to prevent water injection. After the submission is successful, you should show a thank-you note.

17. Button settings: For interactive buttons must be clearly highlighted to ensure that users can clearly click.

18. Click on the tip: Click on the information color needs to be displayed in different colors, to distinguish between the unread content, to avoid repeated reading.

19. Error: If the form to fill in error, should indicate the wrong place to fill out, and save the original fill in the content, reduce duplication of work.

20. Online question and answer: After the user asks the backstage to prompt the feedback, the backstage displays has the new question to ensure the reply promptly.

21. Feedback: When the user in the use of any problems, can provide feedback at any time.

22. Online survey: For users concerned about the problem set up survey, and show the results of the survey, improve the user's participation degree.

23. Online Search: After the submission of the search, a clear list is displayed and the relevant characters in the search results are distinguished by different colors.

24. Page refresh: Try to use no refresh (AJAX) technology to reduce the page refresh rate.

Ajax is a symbol of the emerging network development technology. It combines JavaScript with XML technology, and when users call new data, they do not have to repeatedly make requests to the server, but in the browser's cache to advance the next possible data, the interface's response speed has been significantly improved.

25. New open window: As far as possible to reduce the new open window, to avoid open too many invalid Windows, set pop-up window shutdown function.

26. Data security: To ensure that the data security and confidentiality of the customer password and data encryption to save.

27. Display path: No matter which level the user browses to, which page, you can clearly know the path to see the page.

third, the browsing experience: presents to the user browsing experience, emphasizes the attraction sex

28. Column name: With the column content accurate correlation, concise clear, should not be too abstruse.

29. The level of the column: up to no more than three layers, clear navigation, the use of Javascrip and other technologies to facilitate the expansion between the levels.

30. Content classification: Under the same column, different classification area is clear, do not contain or confuse each other.

31. Richness of content: each column should ensure sufficient amount of information to avoid the contents of the column does not appear.

32. Originality of content: try to use original content as much as possible to ensure the readability of the content.

33. Frequency of information update: To ensure a stable frequency of updates to attract visitors to browse often.

34. How the information is written: paragraph headings are bold to distinguish them from the text. Using inverted pyramid structure.

35. New article Tags: for new articles to provide different identifiers (such as new), to attract viewers to view.

36. Article Guide: For the important content in the homepage set up a guide, so that visitors can understand the required information. The word intercepts the words accurately, avoids out of context.

37. Highlights content recommendation: In the Channel homepage or the article left side, provides the splendid content recommendation, attracts the visitor to browse.

38. Recommended content: In the user to browse the left or right side of the article, to provide relevant content recommended to attract viewers to browse.

39. Favorites Settings: Set favorites for members, for favorite products or information, can be collected.

40. Column subscription: Provide RSS or mail subscription function

41. Information search: In the eye-catching location of the page, provide information search box, easy to find the required content.

42. Page Printing: Allows the user to print the page data for easy storage.

43. The text arranges: the title and the text obviously separates, the paragraph is clear.

44. Text font: The use of easy to read fonts, to avoid the text too small or too dense caused by dyslexia. The font can be large and small settings to meet different browsing habits.

45. Page background: Can not interfere with the main page reading.

46. Length of the page: set a certain length of the page to avoid the page too long and affect reading.

47. Paging browsing: For lengthy articles for paging browsing.

48. Language version: For customers in different countries to provide different browsing version.

49. Fast access: Provide quick access to users with clear purposes.

Iv. Emotional experience: presenting a psychological experience to the user, emphasizing friendliness

50. Customer classification: Different visitors to the division (such as consumers, distributors, internal staff), to provide customers with different services.

51. Friendly tip: For each operation of the friendly prompts to increase the affinity of the viewer.

52. Member Exchange: To provide convenient member exchange functions (such as forum), enhance the feelings of members.

53. After-sales feedback: Regular after-sales feedback tracking, improve customer satisfaction.

54. Membership Benefits: Regular membership promotions, so that members feel the real benefits.

55. Member Recommendation: According to the membership information and buying habits, to recommend suitable products or services.

56. Encourage users to participate: to provide users with comments, voting and other functions, so that members more involved in.

57. Member activities: Regular online membership activities to provide members of the network to exchange opportunities.

58. Expert answer: For users to ask questions for professional answers.

59. Mail/SMS Greetings: For different customers, to provide customers with regular mail/SMS greetings, and enhance the feelings between customers.

60. Friend Recommendation: Provide the mail recommendation function.

61. Site Map: To provide users with a clear guide to the site.

v. Trust experience: a trust experience presented to the user, emphasizing reliability

62. Search Engine: Find relevant content can be displayed in the forefront of search engines.

63. Company Introduction: TRUE and reliable information release, including the size of the company, development status, company qualification and so on.

64. Investor Relations: Listed companies need to provide real and accurate annual reports, financial information and so on for shareholders.

65. Service Guarantee: The company's service guarantee is clearly listed to enhance customer trust.

66. Page title: Accurately describe the company name and related content.

67. Article source: To quote the article annotated source, to avoid copyright disputes.

68. Article editor Author: for original article annotated editor or author, in order to improve the credibility of the article.

69. Contact: Accurate and effective address, telephone and other contact methods, easy to find.

70. Service Hotline: The company's service hotline listed in the eye-catching place, easy to find customers.

71. Effective channels of complaint: to provide customers with complaints or suggestions email or online feedback.

72. Security and privacy terms: for interactive Web sites, note that security and privacy provisions can reduce customer concerns and avoid disputes.

73. Legal statement: The site of the legal provisions of the statement can avoid the enterprise into unnecessary disputes.

74. Website record: Let the visitor confirm the legality of the website.

75. RELATED links: For the group of enterprises and related enterprises link, should have relevance.

76. Help Center: In the process of more complex services, must have a help center for the introduction of services.

Actually to a website to do a user experience analysis is very thin very tired of live, but the significance is very big, especially to the annual sales Tens E-commerce site, the user experience is done, conversion rate can increase 1 per thousand that can promote hundreds of tens of millions of sales, you said the user experience is not important?

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