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A long time ago, I have found. User experience professionals are constantly explaining to people what the user experience is,
How important the user experience is, and so on. Of course, this is the user experience in China's current situation caused by the user experience practitioners themselves
Also need to contact, learn more knowledge and skills, through the professional to get people's approval. The process is very hard and it takes guts.
User experience slowly groping development, we continue to learn, discuss, understand, improve.
Then the user experience of the design method to try to improve the product, improve user stickiness. Let the product become easy to use, solve the problem of usability and even useful.
Then, the user experience should naturally enter into a user experience what can be done, what problems have been solved, and what results have been achieved in the development phase.

Therefore, I have a recent period of study, work combined with my own understanding to do a summary,
And in the recent company's General Assembly to share, the following is part of my speech content collation:

I am very pleased to join you in the second session of the Product Technology conference, and also honored to participate in sharing.
My theme is "uevolution! The evolution of the user experience》。

Today's content consists of three parts:
The first part is to share the origins and development of the user experience, mainly speaking of when the user experience began;
The second part will talk about the easy car User experience Department's establishment and development, mainly is to tell the user Experience department in the easy Car network how to carry out the work;
And the third part is the prospect of the future of the easy-car user experience.

First, let's talk about the origins and development of the user experience

The generation of user experience, need to start from 2.5 million years ago, tell us a story first:
2.5 million years ago, there was a man like me, Yushu, who was in charge of the food supply of the tribe.
You know at that time people only eat some barbecue, game.
The man is very conscientious in his work, and he is always thinking about his work:
How to make the best of your work, to get the appreciation of the leadership and the beauty of the heart?

One day, he circled the river, he was still thinking. At this time he found a stone,
He thought, if can use the stone to cut the meat the small piece, then, should be able to be more tasty.
Later, he baked the dinosaur meat into a 5-minute cooked or 8-minute cooked, dedicated to his leadership and beauty.
has been unanimously recognized by everyone.

This is the stone. This tool has two features: 1 sharp angle; 2. Sleek base.
The sleek base allows us to take the hand, and the other end makes it easier to cut the meat (ie to conquer nature).

It's protectively, the years are flying. Time Flash is 2.5 million years.

This is Apple's new product released last month at 26th: Magic Mouse (What I call the Magic rat), the apple-pioneered multi-touch mouse.
The design of this mouse is a little different from what we often see, and let's look at some of its features:

The design of this mouse and we often see a little difference, no wheel, no we support left and right arrows about two pieces.
It also supports the left and right keys, it supports the single finger scrolling function, you can also use double fingers to flip the page ...

Of course, we still have a lot of fun to try:

Here, we have a surprising discovery:

Stone and mouse have amazing similarities, they are all the same, they need to work, and useful.
2.5 million years after the man had conquered the princes and beauties with Stone,
In this 0 and 1 of the computer age, users want to use their own tools when the feel still back to the original.
No doubt, the user experience is innate, not deliberately produced.

I believe the product manager has read this user experience related books: "Dont Make Me Think".
This book is a very important promotion for the development of the user experience in China.
The author of this book also keeps telling everyone, the product function is more powerful, lets the user use the time to be easiest.

For example, this product, BumpTop desktop:

It will be the ordinary computer desktop design into a dazzling 3D desktop, so that the experience of file browsing become arbitrary,
You can place the document handy, surrounded by "walls" filled with notes. Support for Apple and Windows systems,
You can go online to download a free trial, of course, if your computer is not a touch screen, it will not be very cool.

Development to today, the user to experience the requirements have reached an unprecedented height;
Designers do not create a variety of wonderful products, enrich the user experience.

For example: Vizoo Company's Cheoptics360, it is an exhibition product, the user can observe 360 degrees you want to display the object or the person.

multi-touch Technology, a multi-touch product, you can operate on a large screen.

Microsoft's Multimedia touch screen, we should have seen the relevant introduction.

A table that produces different sound effects by moving small objects on the desktop: reactable.

A picture of a plane, combined into a scene software: Photosynth.

For users to experience a high demand, many Internet companies to build the user Experience Department,
To be more professional and more systematic to do user experience related work. For example :

Tencent's CDC, Taobao ued, as well as Baidu UE ...

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