Valuation: Difficulties, solutions, and related cases (original book version 2nd)

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Valuation: Difficulties, solutions and related cases (original book version 2nd) original title: The Dark Side of Valuation: Valuing young, distressed, and complex businesses, 2nd Edition Author: (US) esvas. aswath Damodaran Translator: Li bilong Li Yi Guo Hai Press: Machinery Industry Press ISBN: 9787111423393 Release Date: June 2013 Release Date: 16 release Page: 1 release: 1-1 category: Economic Management> Enterprise Management> assets/evaluation more about "Valuation: Difficulties, solutions and related cases (original book version 2nd) valuation: Difficulties, solutions, and related cases (original book version 2nd) introduction to chapter 1 of valuation difficulties 1st value base 11.1 cross-period valuation 11.2 cross-lifecycle valuation 51.3 valuation of various companies 61.4 valuation of various companies 101.5 clarification of valuation difficulties 151.6 Conclusion 17 Chapter 2nd endogenous valuation 182.1 cash flow discount valuation 182.2 cash flow discount valuation derivative edition 412.3 endogenous Valuation Model for us what 492.4 Conclusion 50 3rd chapter probability Valuation: scenario analysis, decision tree and simulation algorithm 513.1 scenario analysis 513.2 decision tree 543.3 simulation algorithm 60.3.4 Summary of probability risk assessment methods 693.5 conclusion 71 Chapter 4th relative valuation 724.1 what is relative valuation 724.2 universality of relative valuation 734.3 relative causes and potential defects of valuation 734.4 standardization value and multiples 744.5 four basic steps of application multiples 764.6 coordination of relative valuation and endogenous valuation 894.7 Conclusion 89 Chapter 5th real option valuation 905.1 Real Option nature 905.2 real options, value of adjusted risks and probability assessment 915.3 Real Options case 925.4 precautions for Real Options 1035.5 conclusion 105 appendix 5A options and the basis of pricing 105 Chapter 6 basis of shaking: risk-free interest rate "risk" 1146.1 what is risk-free Assets 1146.2 why risk-free interest rate important 1156.3 evaluation risk-free interest rate 1156.4 question about risk-free interest rate 1226.5 conclusion 1306.6 appendix 6a country sovereign credit Chapter 1 venture capital: assess the risk price 1337.1 why is the risk premium important 1337.2 what are the decisive factors of the risk premium 1357.3 how to evaluate the risk premium 1377.4 Conclusion 152 chapter 8th fundamentals play an important role: real Economy 1538.1 growth of the real economy 1538.2 expected inflation rate 1578.3 exchange rate 1628.4 popular practices 1668.5 difficulties 1668.6 prescription 1678.7 Conclusion 168 chapter 9th toddler: start-ups and young companies in 1699.1 small companies in 1699.2 economies 1719.3 valuation problems 1749.4 valuation difficulties 1789.5 valuation highlights 205 conclusion 10th chapter rising stars: growth companies 20610.1 growth companies 20610.2 valuation problems 20910.3 valuation difficulties 21310.4 valuation highlights 22010.5 conclusion 241 chapter 11th growth forming: mature companies in 24211.1 economies 24211.2 valuation 24411.3 valuation problems 24711.4 valuation difficulties 25211.5 valuation highlights 277 conclusion 12th chapter: decline of companies in the 27912.1 economy decline of companies 27912.2 valuation problems 28112.3 valuation difficulties 28412.4 valuation highlights 29012.5 Conclusion 320 chapter 13th ups and downs: cyclical and commodity companies 32213.1 keywords 32213.2 valuation difficulties 32413.3 valuation highlights 32913.4 conclusion 346 chapter 14th follow the market: financial service companies 34714.1 financial service companies: global chart 34714.2 features of financial service companies 34914.3 difficulties in valuation 35114.4 conclusion 367 Chapter 1 invisible investment: 36815.1 of companies with a large number of intangible assets have a large number of intangible assets, 36815.2 of the difficulties in valuation, 37015.3 of the highlights of valuation, 37115.4 conclusion 392 chapter 16th volatility rules: emerging market companies 39316.1 emerging market companies role 39316.2 valuation difficulties 39516.3 valuation highlights 39816.4 conclusion 415 chapter 17th octopus: diversified global companies, 41617.1 cross-region, 41617.2 valuation disputes, 41817.3 valuation difficulties, 42017.4 valuation highlights, 42217.5 conclusion, 440 chapter, 18th direct targeting purpose: eliminate difficulties, 44118.1 stick to principles, make good use of new tools, and elastically assess 44118.2 focus on the market, but don't let them around your valuation of 44118.3 don't ignore risks 44218.4 growth is not free, don't always add points 44418.5 good things all come to an end 44418.6 careful face truncation risk 44418.7 review the past, think about the future of 44518.8 using the law of big numbers 44618.9 accepting uncertainty, camera disposal 44718.10 turning stories into numbers 44718.11 conclusion 448 Book Information Source: 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