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Video Editing Software Research Background

With the rapid development of smartphones, mobile phones have become the preferred tool for information distribution and connection between people. Unlike long videos, short videos quickly occupy people's fragmentation time by providing cutting tools, sharing platforms, and corresponding video recommendation algorithms. This article investigates the popular short video creation app jitters, kuaishou and vue on the market.


Tik tok is a Community application launched in September 2016. The software was launched from today. It was positioned as a short music video community suitable for young people in China and a short UGC video for vertical music. in 2017, it gained rapid user growth.


Kuaishou is a short video mobile app in mainland China. Its predecessor was the GIF kuaishou, an app for making and sharing GIF images launched in 2011. It was used to transform from a short video community in 2012, and since 2014, it became easy to name kuaishou. As of November 2017, the total number of users had reached 0.7 billion. The application has received multiple rounds of financing. Zeng Guangming, chief content officer of kuaishou, once said that most kuaishou users are "from cities below the second-level cities with a highest education level lower than that of High School"


Vue's creation team mainly comes from pods, so its style is significantly different from that of other apps of the same type. Users can use simple operations to achieve video shooting, video editing, fine tuning of expressiveness, changing filters, adding stickers and background music, you can easily make movies on your mobile phone, and record and share your life in real time.

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Function Comparison

Q &
  1. Are their goals profitable? Do they all aim to earn users' cash? Or something else? Compare their prices
    • The target is profit, but not the user's cash.
    • Jitters rely on advertising revenue, and kuaishou uses live video gifts. vue is free of charge for the time being.
  2. Are there any bugs in these software? How to update the new version?
    • A bug exists. No bugs are found during use.
    • Distribute applications in the app market and update applications on a regular basis
  3. When did such software begin to appear, and how did the same type of software compete? What is the development trend? List the "special" phenomena you have observed when using the above software. What are their differences with hardware? Can these explain some essential features of the software?

    Short videos appeared early in 2013. After four or five years of development, they became popular in 2017. In a short time, jitters and kuaishou will continue to be popular. However, due to content regulatory review and homogeneity problems, it is difficult to have a lot of room for growth.

    • Most of the users are young users. According to Wang Xiaowei, the leader of the douyin product, said on September 18, "85% of users are under the age of 24, and the main talents and users are after 95, or even after 00.
    • Kuaishou is targeting second-tier cities and below, especially "grounded"
    • There is no difference in nature. Users create and share them. However, developers can push their own algorithms and promote platforms to target different user groups. One company excludes bytes and has a variety of apps, such as volcano videos, shaking videos, and watermelon videos.
  4. When did you use such software for the first time? What was your first grade? What was the name of the class teacher? Where, what status, and how the software was obtained (buy genuine, pirated, and downloaded ?)
    • Recommended for the first use. All major app distribution markets can be downloaded.
  5. How did you master the software? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
    • This kind of software is easy to use without special learning.
    • Disadvantage: the Development Company analyzes user data and pushes content of interest to users to achieve the maximum retention rate. As a result, most users "cannot click to stop" and use a large amount of fragmented time on short videos.
    • Benefits: increase creativity and share happiness.
  6. Are you still using it, or different brands of similar software? Why?
    • Occasionally used. In order to get rid of time and understand the current popularity.
  7. This kind of software will exist in 10 years and 20 years. Why?
    • It will still exist in 10 or 20 years. The decrease in traffic fees and the use of mobile phones as the most popular content bearer devices in the present and future have created an environment for short videos. In addition, many young people in the current age are willing to create, share, and socialize.
    • However, entertainment software has its own life cycle. The emergence of new entertainment methods, software, and equipment will inevitably lead to the loss of short video users and go downhill.
  8. What improvements do these software need to make when short videos such as dimming and microvision are popular? If you are the product manager of a video editing software, what kind of product would you plan? What is the difference between these products?
    • Improve the supervision system. At present, all major platforms have illegal content and other problems. Only by reducing the occurrence of various negative events can we achieve healthy and long-term development.
    • Original rewards. Through official rewards and audience rewards, users are encouraged to create.

Video Editing Software Survey

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