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1. Premiere5.5

Premiere5.5 is the most popular video editing software, it supports MPEG4, we can use it to edit MPEG4 file, just like the normal video of editing. In addition, if you want to generate MPEG4 after the video project is edited, you can select File/export/movie and the Export Movie dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Exporting the Movie file dialog box
Click the Settings button, eject the Export Movie settings panel, select video settings in the first Drop-down list, and then in the compressor (compression) item, that is, in the second Drop-down list, choose Mrcrosoft MPEG-4 video Codec V1/v2, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Exporting the movie Setup Panel
Click OK, complete the selection of MPEG4 format, and return to the Export Movie dialog box, to file a name, point "save", began to generate an AVI suffix name of the MPEG4.

2. Flask MPEG

Flask MPEG is a very good multimedia conversion format, in addition to the MPEG 1/mpeg 2 audio and video files can be converted to other common multimedia audio and video format, if we installed in the computer above the MPEG-4 Codec, It can also be used to convert the supported movie files into the most popular MPEG-4 movies of the time. Here we'll show you how to use flask MPEG to convert MPEG-1 files into DivX (MPEG-4) movies.
Step one: Open the MPEG-1 movie file you want to convert with Flask MPEG, select File ==> open Media, and then select files from your computer.
If you want to convert. Dat movie files (general VCD format av files) into DivX (MPEG-4) Movies, you must first convert. dat into. mpg with a different conversion program so that flask MPEG can be read.
Step two: It passes through a video and audio loading time, which depends on the size of the file being read.
Step three: Here we can see the video of the film, if you want to check the audio data can press the right side of the "Audio Player" button, now we first press the "Configure" button to enter the movie output option settings.
Step four: In the Vedio tab, modify the frame size to the same size as in the previous step movie file information, and then select the size of the number of shadows per second (frame second, fps), the larger the FPS value the more fluent the film, but the file will be slightly larger, this I choose 25, Let the fluency not lose too much, and the movie file will be smaller.
Step five: In the Files tab, we can select the storage path of the output file (the default is the root of the C disk), select a sufficient disk to hold the file, and then press OK.
In computer animated movies, FPS represents the number of static images displayed per second on the screen, usually requiring up to 30fps to make people feel less "stop".
Step Six: Next, we want to set the video and audio encoding of the output movie file. Please press "SELECT Output>>" and select "Configure Output Module".
Step Seven: Here is the way to select Video encoding, please Codecs in DivX Fast-motion on the fast two mouse, and then in the configuration window to adjust the compression control and data Rate, the smaller the number of these two options will make the file smaller, but the quality of the film will become worse, users can choose their own.
Step eight: Then select the way to encode the audio, click the MPEG Layer-3 in audio Codecs, and then select the desired sound sampling mode. Similarly, if you want to make the file smaller, it is necessary to sacrifice quality, as to what kind of quality is more appropriate, can only rely on the user to decide.
Step nine: Then you can start the conversion. We can just press "flask it!" in Flaskmpeg Control Panel. Key, or select Run ... ==> start conversion from the main window to start coding for the movie.
Step ten: In the appearance of the movie code in the screen can adjust the program execution priority, if the conversion of the computer does not do other things, you can increase the priority of this program, so that the computer to fully perform the film coding task.
In addition, in this window there is a display output options can be checked, if you check this option, you can see the current converted movie progress in the main window (that is, it also means to play the output movie), but in order for the program to "concentrate on work," It is recommended to turn this option off ( Gogo) is good.
The result of this demo movie is encoded: File size changed from 56.7 MB to 17.3 MB, smaller than 1/3 of the original file, and the image fluency and sound quality are still within acceptable range. So if you want to spread a homemade movie over the web, making it into a DivX MPEG-4 format should be a great choice.
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